forever a bison.
Arielle Saunders

Great Season, Better Story….

Arielle, I am so glad you posted this story about you and your time as a Lady Bison…. I know that it is impossible to pack four years worth of your life into a story this short… But you did an amazing job and I am so happy that we are Facebook friends. Otherwise I would have missed this touching tribute about your teammates, friends, family, coaches, faculty, fans and your own wonderful journey as a Lady Bison…. I was deeply touched by your story of trials, tribulations, friendship, faith and love. I am richly blessed to have become a long distance fan of the Lady Bison team starting with Kristin 4 years ago and continued through you, Montana, A’ndrea and Tabitha this season. I have to agree with you about your coaches as well. We have grown to be great friends and I admire them very much…

There are lots of things I would have liked to have said Friday night after your final game but since I have become a fan of the Lady Bison, I take your losses almost as hard as those of my Lady Bulldogs… I find myself too emotional to speak so I’ll say now what I wish I could have said then…. You and your team and the seniors lost from last season have had an incredible 4 years. Sure, you wanted more as we all do…but you girls accomplished so much…goals attained that other teams only wish for. While accomplishing these goals you maintained a standard of sportmanship that all teams could learn from.. I know that our fans and players appreciate the way you conduct yourselves on the court. We have talked about it many times. I know also that the younger players have great role models to pattern their lives after. What could be more important than setting a great example for them to follow…

I could probably ramble all night but I’ll close now by congratulating you on your season, your conference honors, your career as a whole and by wishing you a great and happy life. The story is just beginning and you are the author. Write it well, use it for good and don’t forget who helped you get where you are…. Thanks for sharing a small piece of your life with me through Lady Bison basketball…. It’s been a great ride ! Now go out and change the world ! ☺