Monero vs ShadowCash — Epic Anonymity Crypto Fight


These weeks, anonymous cryptocurrency are driving the crypto markets. Monero is a heavyweight champion here. Let’s take a look if it can beat coming challenger called ShadowCash.

Proof of what

Monero: PoW — CryptoNight (CPU, GPU)
ShadowCash: PoS — PoSv3

Winner: Monero
Detail: Users can benefit from mining which is usually more appreciated than pure PoS coins.

Inflation (annual)

Monero: 19.0388904656 %
ShadowCash: 2%

Winner: ShadowCash
Detail: Lower inflation is considered better. Note: Over years Monero inflation will decrease to almost zero but for now and coming years ShadowCash is having much lower inflation than Monero.

Price / MarketCap

Monero: 12.19$ / 156m $
ShadowCash: 2.12$ / 14m $

Winner: Draw
Detail: ShadowCash is cheaper for new investors but if you already invested in Monero then higher price might not necessarily disadvantage for you.


Monero: based on CryptoNote
ShadowCash: based on Bitcoin

Winner: ShadowCash
Detail: Bitcoin codebase is considered better (more secured and proven) than CryptoNote in general.


Monero: large community
ShadowCash: small community

Winner: Monero
Detail: Larger community is definitely big benefit.


Monero: average quality
ShadowCash: good quality

Winner: ShadowCash
Detail: Documentation and resource quality is important for new users and developers. Subjectively ShadowCash is one level higher here.

Anonymity features

Stealth addresses, Ring Signatures, Zero Knowledge Proofs, Untraceable, Unlinkable, End to end Anon
Monero: Yes
ShadowCash: Yes

Winner: Draw
Detail: Both projecs are top quality in terms of anonymity features.

Wallet features

GUI Wallet, HTML Interface, Lite Wallet, HD Wallet, Multisignatures

Monero: No
ShadowCash: Yes

Winner: ShadowCash
Details: Monero lacks (for now) GUI wallet and other GUI tools.

Other features

Encrypted chat, marketplace

Monero: No
ShadowCash: Yes

Winner: ShadowCash
Detail: Monero doesn’t provide these additional features (chat, etc.) as part of the project.


Monero: 7> exchanges
ShadowCash: 3> exchanges

Winner: Monero
Detail: Broader availability and higher liquidity are better. Monero is much better here, there are even many XMR tradeable pairs.

And a winner with is…….

with final score 5 : 7

Congratulations go to ShadowProject Team!


It seems that both projects are great although ShadowCash seems (quite surprisingly) a bit better than Monero and there is also lot of other awesome competitors in the area (Dash, coming ZCash, VCash and others). Of course selected criteria are kind-of subjective (as they can never truly be completely objective) but author’s effort was to give kind of fair comparison to find the best project from these two. If any of these projects wins mainstream adoption it will be great because real war is between anonymous crypto-currencies in general and central banks controlling fiat money.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be an investment advice of any kind and so invest carefully based on your own judgement and only with money you can easily lose.