. The Journey of Endless Steps and Many Destinations .


. OK, so since this is my first entry on this medium…no pun intended, I figured the best way to start things off would be to be as honest and transparent as possible from the start, and because this would be in a sense a fresh start for me on an influential platform of social media it would also be a great way and place to introduce the greater vision of “Me” that might not be currently being expressed and or understood or even fully seen or comprehended on my other social media platforms right now primarily based on the stance I’ve chosen to take on most of them.
I guess in a way this is meant to be, those of you I encounter on this platform will be the first to truly have an idea of what my end goal and vision for my future and plans for the world are at a whole..or at least currently, and those of you who are introduced to me through this medium before any other will no doubt have a completely different yet holistic perspective of who I am.
Of coarse your perspectives will vary because…well...that’s the point, none the less your views will all have something very VERY much in common, they started from here.

Now it’s story time…

. So, the vision….what’s the vision that would lead to endless steps and many destinations? Well this particular one is pretty well connected to all of my other dreams and ideas in that IT IS in the grand scheme of things and will end up definitely becoming the most essential and definitive piece of the process in developing and executing these particular visions I have in a way that I see and feel it needs to be done.

I could go all the way back into how I was raised by a single mother and how when I was 15 (currently 25) I went to visit my father who lived in Italy for summer vacation and ended up having to stay there for three and a half years (In between London for the first 7 months) because my mother lost her job 3 days before I was set to return…thus leaving me having to restart my entire life in the blink of an eye…yes I didn’t want to be there, or I can go into that time in my life when I thought I had finally made it in my career when I was discovered at my job by my then manager who offered to get me on a very exclusive tour (I heart Media)that would get me paid and offer other great opportunities and how I quit my job, used my car insurance money to pay $1500 for the tour slot (which was supposed to be $2000) and then LONG story short ended up for a lack of better words…homeless for almost a year.

Yes I could tell you all of these things, I could tell you everything that’s ever happened to me and how much iv’e learned from those experiences and how I know they NEEDED to happen for me to be who I am today…

BUT I won’t, because -ONE- those will be great stories to write later down the line, and -TWO- There is no one moment I can truly point to that would help me or you figure out why I have the world vision that I do and why I want to be the kind of person I aim to become in this world….

However, there is something…. a moment of true inspiration… a moment that without me even realizing at the time had planted a seed within my subconscious and helped me to connect the dots unknowingly to a story that was already being written and put together..step by step.

An idea, a vision that wouldn’t become increasingly clear until it was meant to.

The Karter Caldwell CLANDESTINE C1 ‘Original’

A vision that simply started when I was sitting down thinking of some ideas for my footwear line ‘Karter Caldwell’ as I began jotting down different ideas I had a moment of realization where I realized how many business ideas in general that I actually had and how many companies I had already created that were just waiting to get an infusion of cash and a continued heavy dose of focus and discipline. After this realization I started thinking of ways that I could support these business ideas I had however I wanted to and at the same time create a foundation that would protect and sustain my future family legacy as a whole no matter what happened…after all you can’t help but to start seeing the grand scheme of things after learning about and truly understanding how a family like the Rothschild's came into power among the other things you tend to dig up along the way before uncovering such an horrendous truth that’s been so well camouflaged yet has been staring us all straight in the faces on a day to day basis for about a century.

This idea I had, this vision was one that would not only enable me to protect, sustain and build my finances in a proficient way but would also allow me to invest and stand for the things, people and ideas I wanted to without fear of retribution from whoever was ‘Giving me money’ for whatever reason, I wouldn't have to answer to them… only my conscious.

but how could I do this..?

That’s when it hit me… that vision I’ve been alluding to, that seed that had been subconsciously implanted within me and was bursting open with possibility and promise just from a moment of inspiration..

it was from a scene in the movie Batman : Dark Knight

(???…yea, I know)

remember that scene when Bruce Wayne was hanging out with his parents In Gotham city and they get on the train ? and then little Bruce starts getting a little scared and then his father tells him to look out the window and there, shining in all its glory is his fathers company, his company… Wayne Enterprises and he tells him that they were the ones who built the train station for the people of Gotham City so that they could get back and forth from one side to another and that they did it basically because no one else would or wanted to and because it was the right thing to do?

You remember that?

yea…that was it.

The Karter Caldwell CLANDESTINE C1 ‘Gaurdian’

That was the moment that at the time even though it was inspiring I didn’t know it had stricken such a deep rooted nerve within me that would be unveiled that day while brainstorming for my footwear brand, the idea that one company could have such a deep and profound impact in a world covered and ruled by darkness…. the idea of seeing that golden skyscraper that stood so high and alone but yet stood for so much good and was symbolic of that within that city…within that world Wayne Enterprises was the symbol of progress, not for some but for everyone.

After reliving that random moment in my head I realized that it was the answer I was searching for… the way I could create the foundation I was thinking of for myself and my children’s children, the way I could create an economy within itself that would enable me to create anything I wanted, support anything I wanted, invest in anything I wanted and more importantly STAND for anything I wanted without answering to anything or anyone but my conscious. I realized that I could create a company, a corporation that would be founded by the search for endless aspiration and inspiration and whose pillars would be founded on integrity, transparency, innovation, inclusion, progress and faith with a mission to bring those pillars to society as a whole and help it stand a little stronger while simultaneously creating an infrastructure and implementing new practices that would allow for maximum impact in the most progressive of ways for everyone.

To create a symbol of united progress, a pillar that would stand for more than itself in multiple industries that have been polluted by corporate greed and ran by shareholders only concerned about their return on investment and less worried about the affects their decisions may have on the ecosystems and the people in and around them.

A symbol that would be known for standing by the people and not against them, and whose actions would prove it’s stance day in and day out. A symbol that was respected by the people it served for never backing down to a rigged system and instead recreating the system by showing the people what it truly means to experience and witness a higher standard in everything, from employee wages to product over delivery. A symbol whose companies didn’t sell to you at all during EVERY SINGLE man made and religious holiday but instead made a silent vow to invest that same amount of money and effort into GIVING BACK to those in need and to society in general during that time…I mean picture that gesture and just image if it were a standard practice?

and not a standard that was forced but EXPECTED because the people simply…expected more.

One could logically see how such a standard would send rippling affects throughout many industries forcing them to adhere to the will, wants and needs of the people they ‘Serve’.

To some this would seem like a highly improbable and even illogical way of thinking and doing business, but if history tells us anything…it tells us that the realities of today were once the crazy, outlandish and highly improbable ideas of yesterday.

And with that said..

NEVCO was born.

My parent company


. NEVALAND & Companies .

Is a new type of platform and an entirely different “innovative” and disruptive type of company-corporation. At Nevco our core values since inception were based on innovation, philanthropy, opportunity, equality, justice, peace, education, integrity, integration, creativity, collaboration, FAITH & TRUTH.

All with the understanding of the integral and severe importance of creating FAIR & ENTERPRISING opportunities for people of all fields of life no matter their economic access to resources or means of influence. Our primary goal is to be a conduit for the people of society in every which way we can, helping to move all of us forward in the most positive and productive way as a whole, these exact thoughts are the subconscious and conscious pillars for everything we do and create.

This is in the DNA of any and everything we choose to give life to or support.

Such declarations should not be and CAN NOT be forgotten as we continue to accomplish our goals individually and as a whole here at Nevco and outside of it, doing so would be a betrayal to our very foundation and thus ourselves.

As we approach each goal, each challenge, each obstacle and as we face each moment of adversity, every moment of doubt and every moment of fear let us remember that all great things accomplished could once only be seen by those brave enough, bold enough and naive enough to believe in their vision for a different kind of reality beyond the one that was presented to them as true and concrete and instead chose to pursue that which was was to them a better one for themselves and those around them.

Thus making their reality a new reality for all of us to experience.

Let us be inspired by what we have seen and what we have not seen as we continue to pursue our dreams and our visions given to us by the light and the wonder behind the stars, the extraordinary force and gift that is life itself.


Joshua Ryan Ibukun Dodd

Founder & CEO of NEVALAND & Companies.


Currently building our website

[To be Continued]…

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