My battle with impostor syndrome & how one tweet changed my perspective

Leveling up in life involves putting ourselves in uncomfortable and unfamiliar territory. We venture into new pursuits like following our dreams & furthering our careers. This may look like interning for a new company/organization, starting a job after graduating, challenging ourselves to try something new or living a life of personal growth.

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Photography by Ren Hang (2011)

We find ourselves in an environment we feel unqualified for, we get this feeling like we aren’t suppose to be there, we feel vulnerable and we question our self worth.

It’s like we’ve encountered a glitch in the system, somehow bypassed all the high-clearance security and are constantly on the watch for someone to catch us making a mistake and call us out on our shit. …


Jimmie Flora

multidimensional soul living a human experience // JIMMIEFLORA.COM

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