Regardless of his current title, President Trump is a businessman, not a politician. This “fact” has been drilled into our collective psyche. So much so that when asked to make a one-word association with the president, businessman ranked #8 and politician did not make the 46-word list. He even convened a special business council after his win to show Americans the Pres. CEO was gonna MAGA!
Five months into his presidency, Trump is good for business; or more correctly Anti-Trump is good for business.With the highest disapproval rating of any modern president through 151 days, being Anti-Trump is the new pr0-business.
No newspaper has been criticized more and critical of Mr. Trump than The New York Times. Since beginning his campaign, the president has exuded a love-hate attitude towards the publication. The Times, on the other hand, has been steadfast in their rebuke of Trump. Their reward, record levels of new digital subscribers.
Trump has that “Howard Stern” effect when he’s on tv. (You know, the one from Private Parts about people listen even longer if they hate him) Trump has been so good for television ratings, that even his podium gets live coverage!
Late night tv even has a new king now. After one season, The Late Show didn’t have a true audience base. Fallon’s has the youth, Kimmel has the west coast, but who was Colbert’s target audience? Former Colbert Report watchers? Letterman Holdovers?.But like manna from heaven, Trump has provided an endless supply of material. Fast forward to June 2017, the former Daily Show correspondent has found both his groove and audience. All late night comedians make Trump jokes, but Colbert has gone beyond farther than a typical hair or spray tan joke. Like c*ckholster far. In a normal political environment, his policy jokes and satire would strike with a niche audience; but Trump doesn’t invoke neutrality much less sympathy from the general public. Turns out Colbert didn’t have to change his comedy for a mainstream audience, Trump-hate has changed what the audience wants to hear.

I know it said it before but it bears repeating, Trump is really unpopular. Like there’s an entire Wikipedia page devoted solely to protests against me unpopular. As awkward for you to read and my type, one thing has to be acknowledged, however; Trump has been the driving liberal forced we hoped for in Obama.
To put it more bluntly, President Trump has been a cash-cow for liberals and Democratic leaning organizations. He spawned a new post election phenomenon, rage giving. This oxymoron is the driving force behind millions of dollars in donations to these groups. People will read a tweet or see news about the president’s bill to defund Planned Parenthood and make it a purpose of donating. The Planned Parenthood volunteers outside my job’s building had people literally waiting to sign up for monthly donations after Trump signed a bill targeting the organization in April.
Whether it’s the ACLU, Elizabeth Warren, or, the money is pouring in right now. And so long as Trump has an active twitter finger (C’mon we know he will) there seems to be no end in sight.
America’s CEO in Chief has been good for business, just not the business we expected.