USA Govt Sponsored Gambling: The Lottery Scam

The USA government (govt) states’ and regional lotteries are big business. State lotteries raked in USD$68 billion in revenues in 2013, damn. With that kind of money, the USA education system should have Vince Carter type school upgrades.

State lotteries are often propagandized as benefitting state education funds. Lottery scam advocates and legislators often encourage participation with fairytale promises of a better education revenue stream. An audit of 24 states with state lotteries found 21 of the 24 states didn’t contribute or lowered education spending in lew of the lottery revenue. That’s a good bullshit story.

Where is the lottery revenue earmarked for education actually going?

In North Carolina for example, politicians traded their souls with the devil i.e. lottery revenue for lowering corporate taxes, literally taking money from the poor programs and giving the monies to the elites. Politicians routinely take money headed towards social safety programs and redirect it towards the elites because politicians are scumbags. Politicians represent the majority and the majority would trade money for ethics too; it’s easier to be bad than morally righteous.

The average state lottery gambler loses $106 in lottery tickets per year. The average lottery gambler is disproportionately low income workers. Lottery ads target minorities and low income households with false hope. The govt sponsored gambling scam reminds me of the church scam.

The odds of winning the mega millions is a staggering 1 of 176 million. You’d have a better chance having a Bolivian zebra help your dog cross the street than winning a state lottery.

Govt sponsored scams masquerading as charity should be abolished. We should hold our elected scumbags accountable for their fraudulent gambling schemes as we did for 'Pharma Bro.' Stop aiding and abetting the elected scumbag education charity scammers and stop gambling in govt sponsored anti-Robin Hood schemes.

If anyone wants to donate to schools then buy the schools supplies and personally deliver the supplies. Schools are always underfunded and low on supplies. Teachers and students alike are always happy to receive direct donations. And if you’re the kind of assclown that uses charity as a tax writeoff then the government will accomodate you too.

Watch "Lottery" on Youtube for the full scam story.

For more on Bolivian zebras…hilarious!

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