Our Jesus Roots

According to the bible, the Christian God is supposed to be between you and them. We are supposed to live a humble life and to help the less fortunate as Jesus would have done. All this glitz and glammer with owning private jets, billion dollar hedge funds, God awful man dresses and hats with gold and other expensive jewelry is the devil’s lure. Our Christian clergy expect us to feed their bad habits. We need to stop their greedy gravy train and return to our Jesus roots.

What would Jesus do? Gamble donations in the stock market? That’s exactly what the Church of England is doing with its 10 billion pound investment portfolio, seriously, 10 billion pounds?? I could think of many emerging market neighborhoods that could be refurbished for 10 billion pounds or fire prone public housing projects right there in London.

When did the church become a gambling parlor? Isn’t there some ethical clergy code against gambling?

Bloomberg Detailing Church of England’s donation gambling habit and performance, impressive! Did you know clergy receive pensions too??? Wow! It appears the Church of England believes gambling is ok with the less fortunate’s donations to be true, sad!


What happened to living a humble life?

The Church of England and the Vatican, mostly homosocial men, live in castle like structures, wear bling and expensive dresses, routinely hug and kiss each other then tell everyone else not to support the LGBTQ community and humbly live, hypocritical cross-dressers, much?

Yesterday, one of the dancers said I look like Jesus, a white Jesus, haha. Remember, Jesus’ mom was also a professional whore and Jesus enjoyed a whore’s company because the sluts probably reminded him of dear old mum.

It’s pretty clear religion was brought to Southeast Asia by nefarious white British and other Western assholes. Anyone with any knowledge of geography and history knows Middle Eastern men are short, dark, and dead sexy! Jesus was a poor Middle Eastern man, so he would have been darker than most especially in the carpentry profession.

I suppose I do live and look like the Western Jesus. My hair shadow casts a similar Darth Vader style helmet. I routinely hang around and help the diseased, elderly, and red light business ladies in emerging markets too.

Jesus talked, taught, and advocated caring for the sick. One of the best ways to care about people is to teach prevention of illness. We brush our teeth to prevent gum disease and cavities. We clean our assholes to prevent fecal diseases. We wear shoes to prevent foot injuries. We practice disease prevention because it saves money for better usage, it’s smart to be proactive against disease, and getting sick sucks.

Wearing condoms during sex is also one of the easiest and safest ways to prevent disease; however, clergy are against this form of disease prevention, why? Nowhere in the bible says it’s a sin to wear condoms.

An aside: 8 different times, the bible says eating shellfish is a sin, but how can it be a sin when shellfish tastes so good???

It’s a dumb health decision not to wear condoms when having sex for pleasure with zero intentions of procreation. Jesus wouldn’t accept this ethical failure in disease prevention and neither should consenting sexual partners.

Jesus was also a nomad without fancy churches, clothes, bling, etc. I lived out of one small carry-on bag for 3 years and growing, have one ring to rule them all, and a pair of brown sandals. I live in his image.

What I've seen while circumnavigating Earth concerning lavish clergy and expensive churches is the exact opposite of Jesus' message. Jesus was a humble servant of the people donating time, teaching others, and spreading peace.

Today’s churches expect the less fortunate to do the opposite, give to the wealthy. What is wrong with the 21st century Jesus greedy clergy?!?!

Greed for nice things off the backs of the less fortunate surrounded, 21st century Christianity is not very Jesus like. 21st century clergy read more like the devil than Jesus esque Christians.

image above San Francisco Church in Lima, Peru; downstairs in the catacombs are an awesome skull collection!

I’ve been all over the poor world, Central America, South America, Southwest Asia, and Southeast Asia. Sans Southwest Asia, many of the countries were 80-90% Christian. The richest and cleanest buildings were always clergy. After service, clergy would stroll out the back in their custom tailored suits and drive off in their late models sedans. A few streets over and there sat shanty towns. It’s sad the church accumulates all this wealth and refuses to help.

Also, right there in the commandments it says not to idolise God. A church, crosses, statues, hello???

Wearing Jesus bling is specifically prohibitted. At least, the Muslims remember to follow that bit with their prophet. Wearing a Jesus cross is akin to supporting torture. Following blindly is not being religious. When I see people wearing crosses then I know they’re not religious but a poser.

Let’s return to our Jesus roots. Live humbly, prevent disease when possible, help the less fortunate, and stay progressively productive in the sciences as well as arts!

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