It’s the Perfect Time to Launch a Newsletter

You don’t hear much about “Inbox Zero” these days.

If you work in the startup world, I’ll bet most of your communication has migrated from the inbox to Slack.

I’m so busy reacting to Slack’s near-constant pings that I forgot how much I used to rely on email. My work inbox is quiet these days, minus a few carefully selected newsletters that I really enjoy. (James Clear, Paul Jarvis and 5-Bullet Friday to name a few.)

The beautiful part — no one is asking me to do anything! I can dip into my inbox occasionally and see what goodness has arrived. Email is suddenly enjoyable again.

Trending away from the inbox is actually good for newsletters

I’ve spent the last two years writing an email blog, all the while the sending and receiving less and less email. It always felt a little funny to promote a platform that I no longer relied on. Until one day I realized that while the inbox is still noisy, it’s less about tasks and attachments, and more about curation.

I know the startup world is ahead of the curve, but we’re all trending away from email reliance now. The inbox is braced for a second coming— a quiet place to read, discover and learn. And it’s going to be awesome.

The more people rely on Slack and other tools for communication, the easier it will be to stand out in the inbox. The window of opportunity for great newsletters is opening and I’m doubling down.

I’m betting that people will appreciate tightly curated information more in the future than they will today. The feedback overall has been great. People actually want email.

This isn’t a loophole like SEO in 1998. You still need to deliver quality for anyone to care—most newsletters fail, after all—but it’s a bull market. If you’ve got something to say and are tired of the Twitter/Facebook runaround, reconsider a newsletter. It’s the perfect time to be an early adopter of the new email generation.

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