The Dos Equis beer company has produced most of their previous ads with “The most interesting man in the world” a older gentleman who’s always surrounded by pretty women. These ads are all suggesting something more then beer. Suggesting that if you drink Dos Equis deer then you will do well with women.

The majority of their ads have words that are also suggesting you do will do well with women. “If you didn’t use your backup plan you played it too safe” most people can see their reference in this ad. The Dos Equis company is using the 15 appeals in this ad just like all of their other ads. The feel of romance is the main appeal in this ad. The use of this appeal is mainly to attract a lot of people who are trying to look for both beer and women. The use of many other 15 appeals are to attract more of a target audience for the ad company. The companies unique selling proposition (UPS) is the character of the most interesting man in the world. Their UPS is different then most companies because it a person. Because their UPS is a person the difference with buying another Mexican brewed beer and Dos Equis is the chance to be like the man himself. This more unorthodox way of presenting a UPS has worked out for the company in ways most beer companies don’t. Their luxurious appeal gives the viewers a thought that the Dos Equis brand is for special occasions. This appeal also helps with their sales along with the romantic appeal. The Dos Equis company does a fantastic job with advertising using good features and appeals to the right target audience.

All in all for Dos Equis they never have to worry about creating a new ad because their current ad shows their product perfectly. Not only do they just have good ads but their sales have benefited from the ads. The company has printed large card board cut outs along with other memorabilia to support their company giving them fantastic advertising.