Race, love, hate, and me: A distinctly American story (AKA: Yes, I’m Black)
Shaun King

I gotta be honest with you bud. I don’t know you from Adam. I hear about all the crap about you from the alternative conservative media, and mostly believe it because you wouldn’t be the first person to pretend to be one race or another for political reasons. Frankly, I don’t care whether you are or aren’t black, our politics are diametrically opposed. It’s because of that and that alone that I mostly ignore you and your works and what have you.

That being said, this essay seems more like a desperate refutation of crazies, TO crazies. Can’t you just pop up a birth certificate which clearly describes your ethnicity? I mean really, there are plenty of very light skinned black folk in the world, and unless I misread the police officer’s statement, you have a white mother yes? So you’re half black. Whatever. Still seems like something one simple document could easily clear up. Maybe you’ve presented it before, I don’t know, but from a third party perspective, this seems a little wacky.

So yea. From a mostly neutral conservative who has been forced to associate with further right folk to combat the ridiculous assaults from wacky leftists who inexplicably go even further to the left with every breath they take, this just seems off man.

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