Interesting Story

After the interview I had today with Marcell and Jordan, I learned some very interesting things about them. One of the questions I asked Marcell was if he enjoyed eating animals. He replied saying “Hell ya, cows, pigs it’s all about that meat” and I thought that was very interesting and different from anything I’ve ever heard.

Jordan also had a very interesting answer to one of the questions I asked him. When I asked him where he was from he said Victoria, British Columbia. After hearing this, I was interested in where his parent’s are from. He said his father is from Jamacia, but then moved to New York and that his mother is from British Colombia.

They are from very different parts of the world, so that made me ask a follow up question asking how they met. Jordan said “They met in Vancouver while my dad was on tour for the United States Navy. My parents also decided that after my father left the Navy they would live in Canada.” Although Jordan grew up in Canada, he is still a United States Citizen and has dual citizenship because his father has it from living in the United States long enough.