You Give, We Receive….Right?

The more classes I take in the Communications department, the more I start to realize that we as a society are completely glued to our phones now more than ever. According to an article from, 77% of Americans own a smartphone, which of course is not only capable of being phone, but also acting as a mini computer. We sometimes forget or don’t even realize that because our phone’s are capable of searching the web just like any desktop computer can, they are also able to receive virus’s and steal our identities,which are probably even more deadly because of the information we store in our phones.

I knew that search engines were capable of showing us phone users advertisements that pertain things we have interest in, but did not know how much power these companies actually possess. According to “The Spy in the Pocket”, applications that we download do this all the time. We never read the terms and services from each app we download(I don’t think I ever have but trust me, I will now), which could end up hurting us in the end. The Facebook app needs our personal phone contacts, to “connect us with more friends” of course! Many apps do this, even our flashlight app is somehow capable of dragging information out to only create a chance for a user to purchase an item or service. But for some reason we don’t seem to care, myself included. We agree to their terms and services so they can read our information stored on our phones, they agree for us to play with their “free to download” toys.