MBA students often miss out on amazing opportunities either because of the tendency to look for jobs in banking or consulting or due to a lack of awareness about other opportunities outside the typical ones. It is less common to look for opportunities at startups, and even when if you were looking, it may seem difficult to find the right opportunity. In reality, there are many good opportunities, but you may just not looking at the right ones.

In general, when you get advice that you should work for a startup, it doesn’t mean that you should work at any startup at any stage. The key to finding the right startup is that it’s about not getting in too early, but neither too late. So when is the right time? In this post, I’ll discuss a perspective on how to look for the right startup based on its needs and funding stage. …

An analysis based on a survey of 100+ AI companies data scientists and AI researchers

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has progressed from being simple statistical models to powering self-driving cars, managing stock portfolios and predicting budgets. Companies are extracting value from machine learning (ML) by improving their decision making and enabling new capabilities. …

What enabled this learning and growth?

This summer, I took time off from my job as a senior consultant at Ernst & Young to join the Next 36 program. …


Jimmy E. Chan

Co-founder of (YC W20). | | San Francisco | Toronto

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