Well I decided I would become an indie game developer! I mean who wouldn’t want to. So follow along and watch my journey as I share it with you every step along the way.

I have just finished this great book 2D Apple Games by Tutorials from the folks at raywenderlich.com

I have learned a ton from this book, but I have also realized I have sooo much more to learn.

I started planning out all the features I want for my game. Compose the music, create the artwork and of course code the game. …

A Portland Oregon Selenium Meetup Round Table Discussion

You may have heard that Xcode 7 is adding UI testing to the mix!

Like many people, we at the Portland Selenium Meetup have been wondering should we switch from Appium to Xcode 7 UI testing?

So we got some pizza (thanks Sauce Labs!) , we got some beer (thanks Crowd Compass!) and a little left over Bourbon from last month (thanks OSCON!) and wrote down our thoughts. Please join the discussion!

Appium- Can develop tests in most languages and cool ones like Ruby!

Xcode7- Record & Playback works well

Appium — Built in element inspector

Appium — Can be used with many device cloud farms

Appium — If you know selenium you know most of appium

Xcode7 — Swift looks awesome!

Xcode7 — More stable integrated environment — Unit Testing, Development, Xcode Server

Appium — Can scale to multiple devices in CI

Appium — An army working to develop solutions to fix Apple’s failures

Xcode7 — Is faster (I think we need a race)

Appium — Same environment & tools for…

a software engineer rant

I am not what James Whittaker says is dead.

I do not spend my day giving executives assurance.

I am not a separate organization.

I do not do what James Bach calls “Fake Testing”.

I do not sit on the other side of the wall.

I do not “sign off” on releases.

I do not wait until it ‘is ready for QA’.

I do not estimate and plan a ‘test phase’.

I do not take weeks to test.

I test.

I help everyone test.

I automate.

I automate everything!

I can read code.

I can write code.

a github super diff screen shotting machine

Do you ever find yourself opening 10 different browsers on 4 different machines just so you can see how a new static ‘marketing’ page will look or what has changed in each of these browsers?

Well I do, and I figured there had to be a better way. Two of my favorite things on the internet are github.com & saucelabs.com. I figured between these tools there has to be a solution.

SauceLabs has every browser known to man and you can select resolution, operating system and just about anything you can think of in regards to browsers.

Github has this…

jimmy eisenhauer

 Developer | The Nike App, Explorer & Scuba Diver. Opinions are my own.

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