And finding an unconventional solution to a challenging objective

As a passionate developer I’m aways juggling side projects alongside my pay-the-bills work. Earlier this year I secured some great tickets to the Eurovision Song Contest and in the excitement I decided to build a modern web app to explore and discover the history of the annual show. I set myself some objectives:

  • It should utilise the very latest and greatest web technology.
  • It should contain Eurovision Song Contests historic results and the information should be available in the most used languages in Europe.
  • The data must be easy to maintain (this was the tricky bit!).

Tldr: Here’s the app I built and below are the details of how I put it together & the challenge I encountered, video demo at the bottom.

An open source playground for Cellular Automata

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I’ve been interested in Cellular Automata (such as ‘Conway’s Game of Life’) for years. I’ve implemented them countless times in various programming languages. A couple of weeks back I created a Dart library for exploring playing with Cellular Automata, it’s open source and available on Github. You can browse the github demos or see the library running on my personal website -the gifs on this article were also generated using the library.

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Cellular Automata rule set: ‘Star Wars’ with a random seed

What are Cellular Automata?

Cellular Automata were all the rage in Science and Math clubs back in the 70s & 80s however the first papers on the subject actually date way back to the 40s. In those days mathematicians & scientists created the rules using pen and paper rather than a computer (John Conway actually created his ‘Game of Life’ rules on a Go board!). …


Jimmy Forrester-Fellowes

I love to make things & I love to code Dart.

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