So, I’ve been thinking why i would write this. I finally came to the conclusion that i really just need to vent. I don’t expect anyone to actually read this, but it’s nice to get your thoughts out there. Also, hopefully, someone else out there will read this and realize that they aren’t the only person dealing with this crap.

Well, here it goes… As a 24 year old guy who works and goes to school, it’s hard to meet new people and try to cultivate a relationship with someone. So, i thought my best bet would be the world of online dating! I had always been hesitant, but a few of my friends had positive experiences. I ended up creating a Match profile and a profile on Okcupid. Ever since then, it’s just been a real joke.

Since my break up about a year and a half ago, I’ve gone on dates with at least 10 different women. 99% of my interactions with these women end the same. The date goes really well, they say they’d really like to go out again, and then i never hear from them again. Now, I totally understand there needs to be a base attraction, but that is NOT how you handle things. If i think a date went well, i will always ask “is this something you’d like to do again?” Meaning, if you don’t, then don’t waste my time. At a certain point it’s hard not to think it’s something wrong with you. Whether it’s you as a person or just how you look. Now, I’m no Chris Evans, but i know I’m not a garbage person either. I’d say I’m just average. This doesn’t mean I or anyone else should be treated like that. If you’re not interested, just say it! You’re allowed to feel that way. I know girls deal with a lot of crap too. I know there too many guys on there who harass and treat girls on there as if they’re just objects. I’m not one of those guy. I’m very polite and I genuinely want to get to know the person I’m talking to. So, to be treated like that by these women is just… saddening… it seems that there is a real lack of empathy in people these days.

I guess I’m just trying to say, no matter who you are, don’t treat people that way. Be honest. It’s something that people will respect.

Disclaimer: I’m typing this on my phone at work, so sorry for all the bad grammar!