iPhone X – personal thought

There are mixed reactions when the X was announced at Apple event on the 12th September 2017.

I am one of many fews that are actually very excited, especially the reveal of its true depth 3D front camera. I can see huge potential for filmmaking and animation for 3D especially and AR, because it can deliver high frame rates realtime capture. This really gives developers and users power to adapt the AR (augmented reality) contents creations. More over it might connect user faster with the contents based on face.

Design wise, I do aware of the notch but I am sure I can live with it. The missing home button and Touch ID will be missed, but pretty sure anyone can adapt to it as well.

The iPhone X is very unusual and more masculine than previously feminine designed iPhone 5S or SE today and iPhone 8.

I do not care too much with all these bezel stuff (border around the screen) like those coined by MKBHD. Seriously I still think with iPhone I prefer border to avoid accidental touch. And border with hidden Ui for swiping will add extra interaction possibilities.

Others can boast its OLED screen or Machine Learning etc, but when it comes to iPhone it is going to deliver all the best features much better than all other existing. Still the most all well rounded and balanced zen phone for me.

Looking forward to hold and use the iPhone X!