Not sure where the start but sometimes I got this dilemma about good things in life.

I like to share good things with other people. Sometimes.

Some of them might be expensive and luxury, but in the other hand, the actual expensive and luxury materials do not always give you the satisfaction.

Let say, things like owning expensive iPhone or iPad, in reality they are very good and unique in its own brand and computing.

Leica is also another brand.

Sometimes though the best thing in life is free like Open Source tools for example. Blender, Python and some good things on Internet, the wealth of information at open public libraries, and online libraries from University that you are lucky if have access into.

Ability to draw, dance, play music, and doing hobbies. All free.

Some fresh air and little zen quiet space, maybe a bit of inspirations here and there. They cost like nothing but of course it can be real luxury to have time to enjoy it!

Alas, that’s life!

Expensive and free?
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