This Shell LNG plant is the size of 600 football fields.

Beyond Big Oil. Even if you don’t believe in Peak Oil (that’s an argument for another day), Big Oil is in for big changes (Bloomberg). “We’re more a gas company than an oil company,” says Shell’s CEO, and that’s an extraordinary statement. The company’s recent $54 billion takeover of BG Group solidified Shell’s standing as a leading player in gas as well as oil, and many are considering gas the key transitional fuel as the world shifts from oil to renewables. …

Photo: Getty Images

A More Inclusive Workplace. At a time when many Muslims are feeling increasingly unwelcome in the U.S., more businesses are seeking to maintain Muslim-friendly workplaces. As Bloomberg reports, “The motivations may be principled, but the moves are practical. Managers want to keep talented workers and avoid conflict, and litigation.” The practices companies are implementing are modest (such as making sure major events don’t conflict with Muslim holidays and eliminating pork and alcohol from events), yet they add up to a much more welcome environment. …

Marissa Mayer (Photo: Adam Tinworth)

Too Late for a Turnaround. Yahoo announced quarterly results yesterday and they stunk, but that’s not the point. That’s what happens to technology companies that miss dynastic shifts. But as the complaints about CEO Marissa Mayer gain volume, and as the company lurches toward an inevitable sale, it’s worth remembering what former top executives of the company, all but one of them male, did to make the company such a mess before Mayer took over. When the company is sold, many more people will cite Mayer’s recent missteps rather than, say, Jerry Yang’s decade-old decision to spurn a Microsoft purchase…

July 18, 2016

Hello, NewCo Shift readers. Thanks so much for reading. I’d like to share with you some of my favorites on our site right now:

The Republican National Convention is being held this week. High-profile tech investor Peter Thiel will be there to speak, but we published this open letter from more than 100 technology sector leaders on Donald Trump’s candidacy for President. None of them will be on stage in Cleveland this week.

Facebook reported recently on its diversity improvements (TL;DR: there weren’t many). …

A Brexit promise that turned out to be untrue (Getty Images).

We Can Handle the Truth. One of the key attributes of a NewCo is that it makes decisions based on data, on facts. So it’s particularly distressing when we see truth denigrated in the public arena, whether it’s Brexit advocates refuting their claims hours after they won the referendum or two American presidential candidates having, to different degrees, complicated relationships with truth-telling. Katharine Viner’s long read in The Guardian details how we got into this mess (she blames the imperatives of Internet publishing); more important, it offers some ideas on how we might get out of it by puncturing the…

Microsoft’s Privacy Victory. As discussed in our recent Shift Dialogs talk with Microsoft president Brad Smith, the Redmond giant is involved in some serious litigation with the US government, this time as plaintiff. Yesterday the company won an appeal on overseas data searches (New York Times). An appeals court “reversed a lower court’s ruling that Microsoft must turn over email communications for a suspect in a narcotics case stored in a Microsoft data center in Dublin.” Microsoft argued that the earlier ruling would make it increasingly difficult for companies to resist attempts by less savory governments to obtain customer data…

Photo: Kekstester

This week we introduce the Shift Dialogs, NewCo’s new video series featuring in-depth conversations with the leaders driving significant change across business, culture, and society. Our first episode features Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer of Microsoft. We’ve also released the second episode, featuring Max Ventilla, founder and CEO of AltSchool.

Today’s Top Stories

Big Food’s Sleight of Hand: A labeling change could make useful information harder for consumers to access.

What’s Missing From Patagonia’s Film About Sustainable Food? Mentions of GMOs, the most contentious issue in the field.

The Airbnb Effect: Three senators want to know what impact…

Rana Foroohar, Assistant Managing Editor, Columnist at Time Inc., at the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center

Today’s Top Stories

NewCo’s New Dialogs: We launch an ambitious new series of video interviews.

Looking Forward to 2025: How to think long-term about early-stage startup investments

Mismanaging Millennials: Today’s employers really don’t understand the new generation of workers.

What’s Holding Growth Back: Could it be technology?

The Next Step in AI: Conventional wisdom says it’s unsupervised learning. Nope.

NewCo’s New Dialogs: Today NewCo Shift launches our Dialog series of interviews with top executives at companies out to change the world. Our CEO and editor in chief John Battelle kicks it off with two wide-ranging conversations: one with Microsoft’s Brad…

Photo: Ulrika

Today’s Top Stories

An Uncloudy Day Is Not a Good Thing: Fewer clouds provides more evidence that climate change is underway.

The Fintech Bubble: Joi Ito of the MIT Media Lab wants Bitcoin and the blockchain to refocus from apps to infrastructure.

Starbucks Salaries Get a Little More Grande: It’s another sign of good news on the jobs front.

Application Attention Disorder: We’re spending way less time in our apps.

Get a Date, Save a Life: A study suggests that a hookup app can do more than just hook you up.

An Uncloudy Day Is Not a Good Thing. Clouds…

Pikachu and Ash react to Pokemon Go’s position on the Apple App Store sales chart (Nintendo)

Today’s Top Stories

Pokemon Opens Up, Hits Jackpot: What happens when a notoriously closed company goes open?

Google Offers Free Wi-Fi–At What Cost? A deal with New York City raises important issues.

YouTube Stars Matter: The company’s CEO challenges them to help make positive change.

How Twinkie Survived: By firing people, mostly.

How’s That Pivot to Respectability Going? Uber is in trouble for its behavior. Again.

Pokemon Opens Up, Hits Jackpot. Several years ago, it was easy to make fun of the nerds using Ingress, an augmented reality game that was both clunky and worked only on Android, the platform…

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