How to produce a record, even only once.

The facet as well as tools we choose to make music is believed that what is within from outside of the sound wall. As we come as we are used to the usual pattern, add a beat or sometimes as you are to listen. And then imagining it has been inside an environment of a wall of sound. From the analogue age, we grew up with Tapes, Vinyl and Compact Disc, lacquers is what vinyl is made and is in a heat treated/as in granite occurring speech/sound via a groove cut into the lacquer. The rewiring of digital is the way we can just bang away to feel closer to an application of fabric is more often pattern listening and this is on the personal level built by programmes of large block of code made into WYSWYG Digital Audio Workstation(DAW) that without applying new types of agrus; and in plasticity of compressor, this is virtually how everyone build their samples in sound, and musically changing it dynamics into something vintage via sound libraries can be described in such a way as what you see what you get about the warm fuzzy feeling or cum the vacuum tube amplifier.

The superimposition follows the form factory of ergonomics from a practical guiding record from the languages and communication circuitry, when we first activated the radio frequency(RF) or wave-forms in RF, the amplitude is in changing the way we evolve through the waveform along the RF.

Digital signal processing are mapped often by a format they are compressed in either lossless or lossey compression, basically squeezing all the 101010 to a file format that can be shared across internet or the digital domains. That is not only now there are format/codecs in every direction’s in the language of markup but also towards pointing it directly in to the receiving end without entropy and code breaking, even geometric customization of opening via the spinning of the turntables. By the understanding string-frequencies, the more we talk about realness in sound are often more selected more or less base of the factory of rules of thumb instead of law of induced by way of a result of engineering of sound from producer with more experiences on the sound/mixingboard of live sound recordings, than rather looking for an expert in their sound production team, often he/she is know through their perception as an unique listener rather than becoming an expert in sound theory.

Mixing is that kind of things that grasp us from acquiring the way of thinking and it is often control by the perspective of a more process driven function as in the archetype; or a processor of your spatial world. This is music taste and of what is it that so personal that and it is not what it would be then, when your music become favorite to someone else? Or not.

After quite often enough specific human are hyperlink by a language of digitalization and more than given a record to play on the turntable to think about what working machine of groups are the architect(producer) who created this sound you are listening on a records. Some are more likely a sound notion than a rational monoculture in the field of avant garde. I suggest by collectively finding that warm fuzzy sound you will find in vinyl made A Priori to the digital era(1980 and count backwards towards 1900) and then willingly try to findout that how the complete order process from your local record shop owner and distributor. Most decent person in the passion of music will probably point you into the direction of not in style, and not in the logic to pursuit.

And than prepare your functional techno, artist’s information or whatever it is created via field of facet in the language of your choice and build up your stack by the markup(/Stems.) and sounds.