Is it Okay to Drive the Speed Limit in the HOV Lane?

There I am, minding my own business, in the HOV lane of the freeway, when I hear someone honking at me. Another vehicle has come up behind me and is riding my bumper, honking the horn. If I was in any other lane, I would just get over and let them pass. But this is the HOV lane, often surrounded by solid white lines. I am not supposed to get out.

So the other car ends up passing me on the right, usually with the middle finger. I shrug my shoulders. What could I do? I WAS going the speed limit.

Then my wife pointed out to me that maybe I was the one with the fault because I was going the speed limit in the HOV lane. I had never even considered speeding in the HOV lane. So I decided to put my behavior to a vote.

I was quite surprised by the results. I was the asshole in the situation! Thanks to the results of this poll, I have changed my behavior. I now go 5 mph over the speed limit in the HOV lane.