I, Racist
John Metta

I’m one of those privileged, liberal, white North Americans that happen to agree with you, but I am also challenged by your words. I, along, with other friends who have read the transcript of this compelling sermon find ourselves on this dividing line of agreeing, but also feeling the weight of our participation in the systematic racism; whether through the ways that we benefit from it or the ways that we unwittingly contribute to it. We get excited and we share the article, we post on social media when we see unfair treatment of black people, and we speak up when someone around is using racist overtures or speaking poorly of black people.

Beyond that, to be honest, we feel a bit powerless about what else we can do to help fight this systemic racism. When you say, “Help build a world where it never gets to the point where the Samaritan has to see someone bloodied and broken”. I want that and my like-minded friends want that, but can you help us to better understand what we can do to contribute to building this world, in which white privilege is all but a thing of the past? What tangible steps can we take, other than being aware of it, not being silent, not letting it slide, and not standing idly by, in silence? We often feel like soldiers who are ready to wage war, but need the guidance of our commanding officers to know how to win it. How do we win this war on racism?

And thank you for speaking up and allowing us to better understand how this unfair system impacts our black brothers and sisters. It’s incredibly helpful to hear your heart in this matter.

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