Welcome to the European summer home of rock star living — Mykonos. This place has it all. Whether you Error 0x000006be On Windows 7 want to party or chill (or do both) it’s all here. Here’s our short list to Jet Set Like A Rock Star in Mykonos.Where to StayHere’s our top 2 picks (in priority order).1. The Belvedere — The ultimate in chic luxury. Always a scene. This hotel is amazing in so many ways. The staff Avd Error anticipates your needs and always makes you feel like you’re at home and not in some stuffy hotel. The scene is simple, chic, and sexy. The location couldn’t be better. It’s at the edge of the port town Flp32a30.ocx Download and within 20 minutes of every beach on the island. The pool is a who’s who of international tanned hard bodies.2. Bill and Coo — The sexiest infinity pool in town. Really. This is an all suite hotel. All rooms have fantastic balconies with views of Exchng32.exe the sea. Higher class suites have private plunge pools with a small deck to chill and enjoy the sun. This is a very quiet and very relaxed environment.Where to EatHere’s our top 5 picks (in order of priority).1. KiKi’s — No electricity. No sign. No credit cards. No reservations. Just 10 tables. Totally AMAZING food (did I say amazing). This fantastic spot is on a bluff overlooking the ocean on Aghios Sostis Beach. DO NOT miss this place. It is a MUST. Get the grilled octupus, eggplant and the fresh catch Quickly and Easily Control: Nokia N76 Red smart phone of the day.2. Nammos — See and be seen lunch/dinner spot on Jet Set Psarou Beach. Think town and country meets the Greek Isles. Open air dining overlooking the beach. Get the to-die-for-caprese salad and fresh fish. A perfect day at Nammos would be to get a beach chair right in front of the restaurant (if you can), have a late lunch (around 4 p.m.) and watch the action.3. Gola — This Italian restaurant is the triple threat of food, wine and view. It has it all. Upscale without being stuffy. Situated high enough to see Mykonos town all light Hermes Birkin 35 Bags During a Solar Eclipse up at night. Eat dinner outside, around its beautiful pool and under the stars. An experience you will never forget.4. Belvedere Club — I hate to put a hotel restaurant on this list, but this one is too good to leave out. It’s a lunch spot pool side at the super chic Belvedere Hotel. Simple, stylish 225blogmix with great food and amazing vibe. Get the fresh bread with olive oil and black salt (from Cyprus) to start. Then move on to Greek salad (hands down the best on the island) and skewers of chicken, beef or veggies. After lunch browse the Mykonos outpost of Scoop (the hip New York/South Beach clothing Want To Successfully Brand Your Business? store).5. Interni — Think Southern California vibe meets the Greek Isles. A blend of traditional Greek and International cuisine. Very cool design with an equally sexy crowd. Go for dinner and stay for the drinks when the restaurant flips into a club filled with a very young and cool crowd.* Note about dinner: Do not show up to any restaurants on the island before 11 p.m.- you’ll be the only one in the restaurant.Where to PartyHere’s my top 4 picks (in order of priority).1. Super Paradise — One of the most famous beach party spots in the world. This is likely where Mykonos gets its bad boy party reputation. A great mix of young, old, famous, not so famous, gay and straight.2. Astra — This is an exclusive, sexy lounge 1027 Error right in the center of Mykonos town. Sit outside, sip fantastic cocktails and people watch or go inside and dance on the mini-dance floor; don’t be surprised if you spot a celebrity or two.3. Caprice — This tiny sea front bar is packed ALL the time. It’ll be a flash back to high school/college. You’ll know the words to every song. It’s a little silly, but it’s a lot of fun and filled with locals and tourists alike. Stop on your way in Useful Tips and Information About Betting Lines and College Football from the beach or on your way out to a club.4. Cavo Paradiso — World famous DJ’s spinning while you watch the sun rise from the sea. Party kids, hip club goers and those that just want to see the sun rise with 1000 of their closest friends. Also check out this video we shot at Cavo this past summer.Robert Murgatroyd is the co-owner of Jet Set Life http://jetsetlife.tv/home.htm where he reports on where the DWI Lawyers Jet Set stay, eat and play around the world. For more reviews, photos and videos check out his blog- Living Jet Set http://www.jetsetlife.tv/robsblog/

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