Deciding How to Pick Between Your Two Passions
Gary Vaynerchuk

Pleasure to connect Gary. Just like you I come from a small family business. Doing the branding of our company for about 9 years. I can relate to you very much. You’re my heroe! :) Yes, I mostly enjoy creating the online presence for the company yet I must also be part of the business operations. Currently I spend 80 in operations and 20 in developing the online presence. At this point I’ve decided to take on online presence development and started working with a couple of friends in Peru helping them develop their brand. The feeling of helping just fills me up so much I really love doing it. I’ve combined my help in online presence with a couple of techniques from NLP so they can start attracting what they want in their business, as well as Emotional Strength techniques so they can clear out their energy channel and be more receptive to the great stuff life has waiting for them. So, I’d say I’ve combined Online Presence, NLP, and Emotional Strength into one package. This is the stuff that really gets me pumped up in the day. Thanks for sharing your course at such an affordable price.

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