Observations: An American In Cyprus

So far, this is what I have learned about our Island Paradise:

Food costs much less (it ain’t as perfectly formed, ie: fruits, veg but is tastier).

Meat is very cheap….and very fresh. (I am currently quite vexed: why is it so much more in the USA ! We have Mega Farms, distribution systems…Costco! This place is cheaper than Costco by half and all that at Mom-and-Pop stores !)

Lamb Chops: $3 a pound.

Dozen Eggs: $1 Euro

Bread, the good kind: $57 cents

Turkey breast, lunch meat style: $2 a pound

Roast beef, lunch meat style: $1.50 a pound

Manufactured items: don’t know yet.

But the necessities are cheap. And good.

Even the restaurants CAN BE cheap….we get dinners big enough to split for 8 bucks….regularly.

Gas is $1.25 a liter…but the place is medieval in street plan…so generally, you walk or bus…so gas is not an issue, nor are cars.

The Beach and water are as good as it gets…better than any USA beach….blue, clear water, warm enough to swim in NOW…I am going once the rain passes…we have had 4 days warmish, 1 day rain, today blustery.

The people are very friendly once they know you are.

Until you show a smile and a bit of fun they are dour, you talk to them and they come to life….all smiles, all helpful.

They do not care about ‘little money’…that is to say, if the charges are $21.10 Euro….they will take a $20 and refuse the rest….close enough. Certainly they NEVER want the dime or quarter….

If you compliment their wares, they will often give you something as a small gift.

The restaurants and coffee shops do not bring your check. Ever. You have to ask for it or go pay….they do not hover about and ask if you need anything…and so you can linger for hours…for the charge of one cuppa ($1 Euro, maybe $2 for an Americano or Drip, 12 ounce). My Companion painted for 2 hours yesterday, in a glass-sheltered outdoor Cafe, under electric heaters, facing the Beach. On the beach. Light rain in occasional bursts….wind in spurts….Cypriots all there smoking and relaxing…a 3/4 full house all day.

The police are very casual. Park where you can….drive where you like. No reckless drivers…none….you cannot speed on these streets; you will get into at least a scrape. Only Taxis are rockets….somehow allowed, permitted by everyone.

The Greek women are lovely; a special Spartan, angular look…the men….I have not noticed if there are any men. I hear there are. Rumors. I wouldn’t know. I have very large hands, fingers. You know what that means. Women are the greatest…I have all the greatest women, except for the Bitches….

Damn….there it goes again…..I have to stay off Trump’s Twitter; it is hypnotic.