Gaming and work: what’s the real story?
Ryan Avent

This is like having a study to see why toddlers fall down…but I commend you anyway, as journalism is all about facts, proof, documentation…

I was around when the first games appeared…Asteroids, Pac-Man…and they were only console games…they cost a bundle.

And we were mid-twenties, already working, Carpenters, that sort of thing, very poor in a real economic sense…going nowhere in that way, but some of us like the work and find it fulfilling. I did and do.

Now I am about to ‘retire’…that is, I will no longer build for others, only myself and family. Economically, I have escaped, finally, the wage-slave position which skilled labor is used to in the USA… and so will no longer participate in my own denigration.

But along the way I have seen the video game supplant every other activity in the American Male.

No more do they work on cars in the evening…they kill each other on the net.

No more do the chase girls in the taverns, playing coy darts and pool, sipping dark beer and smoking Camels to impress.

No more do they want to learn anything….they only want to play those stupid games.

We escaped them when they went from pizza parlor console to laptop….no real working stiff has time for that crap: nighttime is for kids, cooking, sharpening chisels, reading blueprints, night school and sex. Working stiffs are busy living….they do not fall victim to the Video Ruse.

Your premise includes the idea that men play video games, in part, because they are unfulfilled at work….this is just wrong.

Men play video games because it is easier to pretend you are fierce and strong than to BE fierce and strong.

Men play video games because even if you are fierce and strong, you are branded as Cretinous by the “Civilized” portions of society: Guns are terrible…men who carry them are idiots…men who hold it in their hearts that to protect one’s children, wives, from violence with violence are attacked at all points.

So they retreat…and pretend they can defend…pretend they are men, pretend they are alive.

Video games exist because the MANHOOD in the USA amounts to Dockers, a rich vocabulary, a white-collar job and a general attitude towards the unseemly masses that do the work, build things, make real wealth (look it up)…that they are told being a man is disgraceful.

The problem with Civility is that it is the shield of the Trumps, the white-collar criminals.

Want to restore civilization? Let me punch Trump…let me be a normal, fierce, strong man who can have pride in my ability to protect and nurture my family, to have pride in my MANUAL LABOR and skills which create all the real wealth….let us be men.

Or, just pass the Prozac, the controller and get ready for the invasion of the Metro-sexual male…..all hat, no cattle.

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