Hurry Up and Wait…

Today we made a bunch of last minute stops for little things we forgot in Colorado. A regular watch (for the Mzungu, or white man, appointments), meds, US dollars in good shape printed after 2006 (Uganda rules), all that good stuff…

We get to the airport on time, knowing that our flight is delayed an hour, and that we have plenty of time in Brussels to connect. We enjoy a couple drinks and apps while we wait, then we get delayed again, and again, and then boom, cancelled. People start running to re-book, we walk a mile to a desk that wasnt’t packed, and we meet Barbara, who books us on new flights for tomorrow. So long massive amounts of United miles. We’re now on an itinerary that Adoption Air tried to get us to pick when we first booked, but we were impatient and wanted to get there early to spend a day on Lake Victoria. Hopefully we’ll get our bags back tomorrow morning, and that they don’t go on the rescheduled Brussels flight. This could be like our honeymoon when they told us our bags would be checked through even though we missed our connection, only to randomly see them at LAX on a stopped conveyor belt in the deserted baggage claim. Our court clothes are in those bags, and most importantly, the rocket balloons and soccer balls!

Wish us luck. So far I need it, my first flight from Colorado on Sunday was cancelled, and then the 2nd was delayed, but I did make it to NJ on time. So 2 cancellations and 1 delay on 3 flights. Now you see why I would rather drive whenever I can.

On a side note, I’m going with the flow pretty well, and am making the best of our time in this Newark hotel. It would be better to be stranded in Brussels than Newark, but it’s free, and here.

Also, those airport workers are busting their butts. Barbara was awesome, and the lady who checked our bags was awesome. I heard two African guys in the hotel arguing about which of their country’s football teams is better. In the end though they decided it didn’t matter because Brazil beats them both all the time. Maybe Newark isn’t so bad.

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