BCAAS With Stevia Increase Lean Muscle & Fat Loss

Why do I advocate that anyone looking to improve both their health and physique use a BCAA with stevia instead of artificial sweeteners?

I think we tend to forget that there is a health and physique or performance aspect to why we train. So before we talk about the benefits of an artificial sweetener free bcaa with stevia, let’s look at the negatives of artificial sweeteners in your supplements.

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Artificial sweeteners are just nasty and studies back it up.

I’ll get into the research in a second but why would anyone want to use a chemical purposely made in a laboratory to make a food group taste better? Doesn’t that just scream of science fiction?

So let’s remove that picture and look at the research.

Studies on non-diabetic individuals found that the people who consumed the most artificial sweeteners had higher waist to hip ratios, higher body weight, greater blood sugar dysregulation, higher fasting blood glucose and elevated liver enzymes


It gets worse. When the researchers look at the participants gut health they found shifts from healthy bacteria to bad bacteria. Artificial sweeteners like sucralose and aspartame make it through the gut mostly intact, it’s going to beat up your gut.

Additional studies show that artificial sweeteners consumption significantly increases type 2 diabetes and individuals who consumed artificial sweeteners ate more total calories.

I’m going to stop right there because this isn’t an article about artificial sweeteners. Now I’m going to discuss why you should consider supplementing with a bcaa sweetened with stevia.

In case you aren’t familiar with the many benefits of branched chain amino acid supplements, here’s a quick primer

-BCAAS have been proven to increase MTOR, which is an anabolic signaling pathway for greater muscle growth.
-BCAAS prevent central nervous system fatigue during intense activity.
-BCAAS may lower cortisol and prevent muscle wasting during bed rest

Those are just the tip of the iceberg to learn more about BCAAS click here

The Physique Formula produced a bcaa powder with stevia because we were tired of seeing nasty options on the market with artificial sweeteners.

Stevia has numerous health benefits…

Stevia can lower blood sugar, more evidence post to how stevia may improve glucose tolerance and clearance after a meal. This is great because increase insulin sensitivity leads to less body fat, so using a bcaa with stevia can help you lower body fat and build muscle.

Stevia can increase HDL, good cholesterol, while lowering overall blood lipids. While this was done in rats it does show that there may be a future benefit of using stevia to treat cholesterol. Stevia also been shown to lower LDL cholesterol.

A Chinese study showed that stevia can lower blood pressure. Yep, bcaas with stevia can potentially help you get stronger, improve your endurance AND lower your blood pressure.

How Do Sucralose free bcaas taste?

Great question. truthfully many naturally sweetened BCAAS taste terrible. BCAAS, when consumed raw, taste bad, that’s no mystery. Physique Formula BCAAS with stevia have over 170 positive 5 star customer reviews on amazon so they must taste good!

BCAAS With Stevia

If the ideal sweetener in a BCAA product is stevia, then why do so many popular BCAAS brands include artificial sweeteners? Getting into the fiances of the sports supplement industry, it just costs more to produce a delicious tasting bcaa with artificial sweeteners. It also takes more time to produce the product and more time in production equals less shelf time.

To me, the most telling issue is that big bodybuilding brands don’t really CARE about your health or natural supplements. Some are producing BCAAS with stevia now because it’s the “In” thing but let’s all be honest, they don’t care about the quality of the product.

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