How To Boost & Increase Testosterone For Men Over 50|Boost Testoster Over 50

How to boost testosterone for men over 50, that must be the most popular question I receive so I decide to write this article to lay out my plan.

Testosterone is truly the king of all hormones and with it comes more energy, better body composition, a higher sex drive and more confidence. Oh that’s not enough? There’s lesser known benefits including greater cognitive function, reduced signs of aging and improved reaction time. Yet you’re a man over 40,50 or 60 and testosterone drops each year after the of 21.

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Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS is the president of The Physique Formula, an all natural supplement company. Use code “medium20” at checkout to save 20% on all supplements including bcaas with stevia at

It’s likely you’ve experienced any of the following occurrences of aging

-Reduced sexual drive

-Loss of muscle mass

-Body fat gain

-Memory loss

-Cognitive decline

-Overall lack of energy and well being.

-Joint pain

-Constant fatigue and tiredness

Those are all symptoms of low testosterone and its anabolic variations. But if testosterone dips after 21, does that mean you’re doomed to suffer the symptoms of low testosterone? Not if you change your outlook and optimize several key factors.

What causes testosterone to get lower in the first place?

The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism published a study, in 2007, that concluded that men’s testosterone levels have progressively dropped by 17% in the timeframe between 1987 and 2004. Why did this drop happen? The study pointed out that it is not age alone that can be attributed to this drop in testosterone nor is it body fat, diabetes or mental health issues. While all of those factors contribute to lower testosterone, they aren’t the direct cause of this large drop. A 50 year old man in 1991 had more testosterone than a 50 year old man in 2003

You must take a multi-pronged approach to raising testosterone if you are over 50.

How Men Over 40,50 & 60 Can Boost Testosterone

I’m going to make these steps practical so you can get started today

1) Start prioritizing your sleep. Now I’m not talking naps on the couch, I mean your actual sleep at night. Just one night of impaired sleep can lead to near diabetic levels of blood sugar.

When insulin goes up, testosterone goes DOWN. So I want you start optimizing our day to sleep better at night.

For starters you can avoid all tech and devices at least 30 minutes before bed. These devices emit blue light which decreases our bodies production of melatonin, our sleep hormone.

As melatonin drops then cortisol rises. Cortisol is a nasty muscle wasting hormone that decreases testosterone levels.

Second, I want you to make sure you set your thermostat to between 65–67 degrees. Sleeping in this temperate has been shown to spike testosterone, even in men over 50.

Also, sleep in a dark room as well to decrease any other light the may rob you of melatonin.

2) Your diet is key.

While I am not going to focus on the need to consume more healthy fats like omega-3 fish oil, olive oil and coconut oil in your diet (you really should be eating these), I want to talk about what you shouldn’t eat.

And before you think I am going to recommend some low carb, high fat diet, thinking again. Going low in carbs is important but your carbohydrate level should be based on how active you are. Not some blanket decrease in carbs which is actually a recipe for LESS testosterone. But you do want to control your insulin levels.

I want you to eat your carbs but I want you to remove all processed foods. When you consume foods like corn,gluten, soy and diary, inflammation increases in your body which decreases testosterone.

Oh and don’t count calories. Just eat..but eat good stuff

3) Exercise can boost testosterone in men over 50. That is shown multiple times in studies.

I need you to be more consistent though. I’m not asking you to go back to powerlifting or doing heavy squats but I do want you to commit to at least 3 days of full body weight training.

I’m also not against two upper body days and one lower body fat, either variation is fine.

You should focus on multi joint movements or machine. Use dumbbells, do your chest presses, leg presses, rows and shoulder presses.

Do over the counter testosterone boosters work?

Most actually don’t, I’m sorry to say but some due. See when you look at testosterone boosters for men over 50 you really want to use a testosterone boost that works WITH your body not against it.

Many products today will include unproven supplements that actually shut down your bodies own testosterone production temporarily. You do NOT want that.

What you want is a natural herbal combination testosterone booster that has been shown to work on multiple pathways. This way you can encourage an increase in testosterone through multiple pathways.

For example, the common herbal testosterone booster tribulus has been shown to increase leutenzing hormone (LH) which is one of many ways to boost testosterone.

Physique Formula He Rex is a scientifically formulated combination of herbal and vitamins that work with your bodies own testosterone.

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For example, long jack, found in He Rex can increase androgen receptor activity so your body can “see” more testosterone. The key is that certain herbal testosterone boosters work WITH your body.

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Boosting Testosterone Over 40, 50 or 60

If you are over 40,50,60 and want to boost testosterone, it isn’t hard. Just follow this plan and get on He Rx today. Have any questions or want free advice? Just email me at with the title “Testosterone” or visit my website. Click here to purchase He Rex

About The Author
Jimmy Smith,MS,CSCS is the president of The Physique Formula, an all natural supplement company. Use code “medium20” at checkout to save 20% on all supplements including bcaas with stevia at