Find your real early adopters and solve their problems instead.

I really hate it when a startup goes with “friends and family” releases rather than finding real customers. So here’s some canned responses to reasons I’ve been told why we should go and speak to friends rather than to our early adopters.

But it’s not ready for the public yet

Unless it’s completely useless, you don’t know whether…

A few years ago, my friend, Richard, introduced me to the Joel Test. Written in 2000, the Joel Test measures the “quality” of a development team in twelve questions. Richard described it as a list of questions to ask a team during the interview process. …

In June 2013, over fifty-thousand classified documents pertaining to a collection of secret programmes of mass surveillance formulated in the wake of 9–11 by the NSA and GCHQ were leaked to The Guardian. …

Jimmy Thompson

Engineer @freetrade. Trying to build products people want, sometimes succeeding.

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