Home Study: Day 3

Today, while doing the final home study exercise, I discovered my achilles heel; front end. The task took me too long an I need to improve on that aspect. The HTML part is not hard, however I’ve discovered you need a designers eye even for a simple interface (the google interface). Save for Mozilla's firebug add on to inspect div elements and their styles, I would not have made it.

The ande-labs today were also a bit tricky, the test simply couldn’t run tests. Luckily I was able to test my code by importing the lab tests onto my environment and run the tests. ‘All tests passed’ ok — just what I want to hear. I’m now sure that the code works before pushing.

It also becoming a challenge effectively managing my time table — the elusive work/life balance. I believe the prospects of a challenge should not impede your social life. I’m handling that by doing a mental to-do list where I plan my day and mentally calculate how long each task should take. Excluding today the strategy has worked.

Tomorrow we return for the onsite boot-camp and it will be a great opportunity to receive feedback and grow towards becoming a better developer.

Till then, Goodnight.