Week 0: Key Takeaways

I used to think that a world class developer was considered world class because he/she was adept at developing with a certain framework — that in oder to reach world class potential, one would have to dedicate energies and years of experience developing with a certain stack or set of stack technologies.

However, one take away I took from the induction week was that at Andela, its all about change and how you adapt to change. The question asked of us when we were informed that we were required to reach and exceed the epitome of the software development realm with any stack was, “how do you feel about that?”.

We are expected to take on challenges, ask questions and seek such learning opportunities, and not simply grunt and complain. One way of making such transitions easier is by having a real command of the underlying fundamentals. So for example, a deep understanding of javascript would have it easier to understand any new javascript framework.

Another key takeaway is that Andela does not teach coding, instead, Andela simply provides a platform for passionate developers to learn. Andela does this by providing support and feedback in the self learning process.

The expectations are high .That said however I am beginning to understand it is more of a mindset and internal belief which I may have that would limit my progression. So for example, I am required to familiarise myself with relevant technology stacks — some which I have not heard of yet. However, with the learning maps, online resources, recourse options from the fellows and staff, I am confident that I will learn and achieve the targets and checkpoints. I plan to leverage all the aforementioned resources to achieve and exceed the expectations set.

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