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I don’t think concepts like religious freedom should be involved in anything regarding government contractors. However, I doubt that there are many, if any, contractors out there that would use any kind of religious freedom exemption to try and avoid providing the military various forms of hardware. I mean, just making anything for the U.S. Military, noted for killing lots of people, violates the principles of religion off the top. Seriously, discriminating against someone because your religion says to you that you should do so, should be placed side by side with the idea that your religion isn’t stopping you from helping to kill others. THAT is the antithesis of religion. However, I must ask, WHY is there any discrimination based on sexual orientation in place in this country? What discrimination exists (laws, statutes, et al) that is directed at members of the LBGT community? I thought all of us had the exact same rights and privileges in this country.

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