So, after decades (if not a whole century) of LGBTQ people being beaten, murdered, discriminated…
Mercedes Streeter

You should not be persecuted or otherwise harmed just for being gay. The same applies to all of us, whatever it is we might be, (except for maybe Neo-Nazis, but that is another subject). Also, what is a *little* humanity?

It is time to put sexuality back where it belongs: In Private. I neither need nor want to know anyone’s sexual preferences. Gays seem to occasionally make a big show out of “coming out” and announcing they are gay. So the F what? Would it be news if I came out and said I “prefer Asian women?” No, of course not. The point I’m getting at is the gay community keeps separating themselves from the rest of us, and I still don’t know what specific rights gay people are being denied.

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