A Two-Minute Guide to Branching Off Your Writing to Make Other Money

If you’re a writer and you’re seeking to get paid for your work, take the natural next step and see what other revenue exists off your original piece.

A Podcast

If you have readers, you’ll have listeners. It’s never been easier to start a podcast and while there are numerous platforms, one of the easiest is Anchor.fm

Here, you can record anything directly on the site (even your phone), name it, and publish it. Anchor will help you launch your podcast on nearly a dozen platforms and you can choose to use their sponsorship program or sell your own ad spots if you feel so inclined.


If you write about a topic people often buy merchandise for (sports, movies, tv, fitness, nutrition, business,…), why not make a t-shirt or other merchandise out of it?

Teespring.com is a great place to create a storefront and share your catalog. The site will package, ship and help promote your line and send you a decent cut of the profits.

Affiliate Links

Take five minutes and browse Amazon searching for items that have anything to do with what you’re writing about. Inside your blog, post links to products that relate to your topic and with your affiliate account, you get paid every time one your readers purchases a product via your writing.


Don’t be shy about asking people to donate to your work. It shows how much they value what they’re reading. If they don’t, no harm no foul.

A PayPal link is easy to set up, any donation goes directly into your bank account and a little money might be the motivator you need to pump out more content. More motivation also means a better experience for your readers.

Contests/Email Lists

Offer a contest and simply ask for an email. Use an autoresponder program like MailChimp or AWeber and send updates to your readers on new ideas or articles you’re working on. If you have something you want to promote or sell, you have a huge database of attentive people ready to do what you ask.

A Book

Writing a book takes a long time, but what about compiling a series of the articles you wrote and putting them into a book that you sell? It’s a simple copy-and-paste exercise of your own work with very little new content required.

You can then head on over to Amazon and self-publish your book.