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On Thursday night, I finally blogged about my new open-source project for self-hosting blog comments using Amazon’s Lambda service. Then a lot of things happened…

Read the full story on my blog…

Introducing lambda-comments

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I’d like to introduce a new open-source project which I hope will be useful to people who would like to add comments to their blog or website.

The project is called “lambda-comments”, and you can find the project page on GitHub.

I’ve done a full write-up on my blog. I’ve installed it there, of course, so you can test-drive it by leaving a comment!

Feel free to leave a comment here, on my blog, or on Hacker News (where it just made the front page)!

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I wrote a blog post about my trip to Seattle last week where I attended a Startup Grind event and a React.js Office Hours event at Formidable Labs.



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