The Saga of Gamemaster Anthony’s Birthdays (33–43)

manga Columbo
2 min readApr 2, 2018


The earliest recorded BIRTHDAY BASH

The earliest recorded BIRTHDAY BASH; all others are lost to antiquity

Birthday Bash XXXIII

He extends his 33rd birthday party to a month-long bash

Birthday Bash XXXIV

A close friend hosts Gamemaster Anthony’s 34th, featuring a special guest

Birthday Bash XXXVI

No record can be found of his 35th, but his 36th reveals troubling information about his health… too much partying?

Birthday Bash XXXVII

With the power of Semper Games, Anthony cures his diabetes in time for his 37th and a planetoid-sized cake

Birthday Bash XXXVIII

The published guest list for the 38th is an attempt to capture the magic of birthdays past, but still tone down the excesses of prior bashes

Birthday Bash XXXIX

The 39th is a muted affair at his private condo

Birthday Bash XL

Another small gathering of close associates, but concludes with a heartfelt toast

Birthday Bash XLI

Birthday Bash XLII

An homage to Douglas Adams

Birthday Bash XLIII

Anthony has a day on the town



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