Canada’s Man-Haters vs. Saudi Arabia

Dīvide et imperā!” — “Divide and Conquer!”

There have been many articles in the media, lately, about Saudi Arabia imposing sanctions on Canada.

The Saudi government has leveled severe economic sanctions on Justin Trudeau and his gynocentric cabinet, for attempting to interfere in the Saudi defense of its sovereignty. These sanctions include terminating air traffic to Canada, expelling Canadian “diplomats,” compelling Saudi students to leave Canada, and serious economic sanctions on Saudi trade with Canada.

Justin Trudeau — Prime Minister of Canada

These sanctions resulted from Canada’s attempt to interfere with Saudi Arabia’s defense of its sovereignty by arresting conspirators (euphemised as “women’s rights advocates”) who, with the aid of enemy intelligence agencies, are attempting to create dissension and violence in Saudi Arabia. This tactic has served enemies of Western civilization well in the destabilization of Western cultures and countires.

The easiest way to conquer a country is to divide the women, against the men (which is the sole purpose of feminism), under a pompous pretense of sexual equality, then, loot and plunder the country that you have just weakened by dividing its entire populace.

If you read articles from Western journalists, you will obtain a completely different story. Western journalists, who are saturated with hatred of masculinity, the virtues of female supremacy, and the destruction of Western culture, report that Saudi Arabia is arresting women for advocating for equal rights. Western journalists report that Saudi Arabia is engaging irrational retaliation against Canada because Saudi’s hate women. It appears that Prime Minister Trudeau, and his cabinet of focused man-haters, tried to pressure Saudi Arabia to release the foreign agents (who were using “feminism” as a cover for their attempts to destabilize the Saudi Government).

Christia Freeland (in the purple dress) — Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, initiated the dispute with Saudi Arabia over her demands that Saudi Arabia not enforce its sovereign laws against persons claiming they want rights for women.

Anyone who has travelled widely, and, who has been to Saudi Arabia knows that it is no place for Western women who are seeking female supremacy. That aside, the Saudi government and culture are more solicitous and protective of women than most Western nations.

People will immediately jump to conclusions about the “male guardian” requirements in Saudi culture. Those jumping to conclusions, however, are abstracting those requirements out of context. Saudi Arabia also imposes very heavy restrictions on men to protect and nurture women. Their culture is not “misogynist” or “sexist” — Saudi culture simply has a balance between men’s rights and women’s rights (that usually favors women). Their culture, in balancing the rights of men and women, is certainly very different from ours. However, there are far more similarities in Saudi culture, with the West, in its treatment of men and women, than there are differences.

Our incompetent and inept mainstream media only focuses on the glaring differences between our culture and Saudi culture, as opposed to making a rational analysis of the treatment of both genders in both cultures.

Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Christia Freeland, initiated the dispute with Saudi Arabia over her demands that Saudi Arabia not enforce its sovereign laws against women who break those laws. Her pretense for the interference in Saudi Arabia’s sovereignty is Saudi Arabia’s “record on human rights.”

Please note in judging this matter that Canada’s indigenous male population is nearing extinction because Trudeau’s feminist cabinet lavishly spends money on gynocentric causes, but is doing nothing to help the suicide rate of indigenous men, and Trudeau claims that he hasn’t got enough money (after spending lavishly for feminism) to provide clean water for indigenous people. This is the same feminist Trudeau who told men who were Canadian veterans that there wasn’t enough money to keep the government’s promises to the veterans (who are mostly men).

Canada, its feminist government, its man-hating “leaders” and its gynocentric culture, being so hostile to men, has no business lecturing anyone on their “history of human rights violations.”

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