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Does the FBI Say that Only 8% of Rape Accusations are False?

“ While being cross-examined, Ziv [a psychiatrist in the Bill Cosby case] testified that no more than 7 percent of sexual assault allegations are false, and she thinks the number could actually be as low as 2 percent.” Washington Post — April 20, 2018

Rape myths saturate our mainstream media. The myths, however, are invented by the mainstream media, and, perpetuated by the mainstream media, in order to serve a nefarious agenda.

The agenda is to destroy heterosexual relationships by making them so risky for men, in terms of being falsely accused of rape, that Men will simply no longer seek sexual relationships with women because of the risk of being falsely accused.

Let’s examine the myth that only 2–8% of rape accusations are false.

Loyola University Law School did an exhaustive study on this myth. They traced the myth back to a feminist novelist in the 1970’s who stated, without any basis, that the rate of false accusations of rape were only 2%.

In reality, we know that in the 1980’s and 1990’s, before rape hysteria took hold of our mainstream media, the rate of false accusations of rape were between 50% and 60%.

Since the mainstream media has been fanning the flames of rape hysteria, recent research shows that the actual rate of false accusations of rape made to law enforcement are currently closer to 90%.

Nevertheless, the mainstream media relentlessly promotes the myth that the FBI claims that there are only 8% of false accusations of rape every year.

The FBI has NEVER said that false accusations of rape are only 8%. The FBI, in all of its crime reports, has a boilerplate phrase which states: “Law enforcement determines that 8% of rape complaints are false every year.”

That does not mean the other 92% are true. It simply means that law enforcement does not refer 8% of cases to prosecutors because those 8% are so obviously false that they do not meet the low test for “probable cause.”

The 92% referred to prosecutors have to meet a more realistic standard to be considered valid cases. In the court process, about another 83% of the cases are determined to be false, based upon a closer scrutiny of evidence and information than the police can provide.

It is clear that we need new laws to expose and punish women who make false accusations of rape against Men.

John Davis (1953 — ) was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was educated at Case Western Reserve University (BA) (one of the top ten universities in the United States), Seattle University School of Law (JD), and, New York University School of Law (LL.M post-doctoral) (one of the top ten law schools in the United States). John is fluent in seven languages (including ancient Latin and Greek). He has travelled the world over, many times, and has represented clients, in his thirty-five year career, such as the United States Government and the Federation of Russia.

He has been a prosecutor three times in his 35 year career. He has held positions such as Assistant Attorney General, United States Speaker, and Assistant District Attorney, Chief Wing JAG, U. S. Air Force Auxiliary, and Supreme Court Law Clerk.

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