Domestic Abusers Should Have to Register Like Sex Offenders

They should be monitored under the same arrangements as rapists and paedophiles, giving greater protection to victims who live in fear of their tormentors.” Says the Daily Mail in the UK

According to new data, women are the majority of domestic abusers in most Western Nations.

Upon conviction of a domestic abuse offense against two or more men, the abuser would be required to sign and commit to the register within 72 hours of conviction of the crime. The abuser would have to notice the police of their movements and whereabouts.

The UK is a fascist country which openly recognizes that only women are victims of domestic violence. However, new studies are creating new awareness.

Current studies show that 2.4 million men are victims of domestic abuse in the UK every year.

2.4 million men are victims of domestic abuse in the UK every year.

In the U.S., the number of male victims is staggering.

We think that women who falsely accuse men of domestic abuse, or, who falsely accuse men of sexual misconduct, should also have to sign a national registry to protect the public from their accusatory fantasies.