Englishmen Refuse Sperm to UK’s INCELS

“I’ll no pullet-sperm in my brewage.” The Merry Wives of Windsor (3,5) Falstaff
England: The proud land of epic masculine heroes such as King Arthur, Sir Thomas Moore and James Bond

As a young man, I remember the first time I went to England. As the plane descended through the clouds, over the English countryside, I remember thinking to myself that this was not just any country. This was England. This was the country that spawned the epic heroes who defined masculinity in human consciousness that guided the world for centuries.

Proud England is now in danger of extinction. Like every other feminist country, its birth-rate is falling at a precipitous rate.

Most of the births are for immigrant populations. These immigrant populations are overloading the British marxist medical system and its welfare system. Yet Britain’s feminist leaders, such as Theresa May, insist that immigration from North Africa, and the North African men, who are willing to have sex with England’s feminists, are the only salvation for England’s feminist state.

How did this happen? It is very simple, but, governments are willfully blind to the realities of reproduction that even pre-historic men understood . . . if you deny men their reproductive birth-rights, men will simply go their own way.

This happened because feminism, in England, has become a fascist program of the State. It’s sole objective is to exploit men under every possible pretense.

Most (thankfully not all) of women in England are INCELS. “INCEL” means they are involuntarily celibate. They have no meaningful interpersonal relationships with men because, literally, they are incapable of having mature relationships with men.

Women in England, through a system of indoctrination from the feminist state, leave schools (even once great schools such as Oxford and Cambridge) with nothing but an endless repertoire of narratives for finding pretenses to hate and exploit men. These INCEL feminists are capable of a relationship with men, only if it involves heavy drinking (or drugs), gratuitous sex, and violence from the State to enforce its draconian feminist regime on men.

Famous British National Health Service photo of “Bloody Mary.” (The new feminist empire)

Under the feminist state, in England, men have virtually no reproductive rights. The feminist state in England imposes every possible responsibility on men for any sexual conduct (real or imagined), yet, still are subject to arrest if a woman simply wants a man arrested for a sex crime that never occurred.

If you think that the previous paragraph is, in any way, exaggerated, we invite you to watch the following news segment regarding Mr. Mark Pearson. A famous actress accused him of slipping his fingers in her vagina while he was walking through a train station. CCTV footage showed both his hands were occupied with his luggage and he never touched the woman. She remains anonymous, he was put through a trial in which the jury exonerated within 90 minutes by a jury. His life remains ruined.

Yet, under Britain’s medieval rape statutes, men have no protection from women who rape them, or falsely accuse men. Under English law, only men can be charged with rape (notwithstanding that women rape men and boys in England in higher numbers than the other way around).

Instead of recognizing that the new feminist empire is a fascist structure to violate the human rights of men (the male gender), the fascist/feminist leaders in England are trying to find a way around granting men any reproductive rights. England’s feminist state has put out the patriotic call for sperm.

London Sperm Bank: “The demand for sperm is greater than the supply!

English Men are not responding to this campaign to circumvent granting men’s rights in order to raise the birth rate.

English men are bravely refusing to be cuckolds (pullet-sperm) in a state scheme to impose feminism in place of human rights.

The demand for sperm has failed, miserably, and, now the country of England is being artificially inseminated from the sperm of only about 17 men for the entire country.

No one has calculated the dangers of inbreeding and genetic regression in England from a non-diverse breeding program for the feminist state.

In the mind of the Feminist state, it is much more sensible to continue imposing draconian laws on men, and, depriving them of their rights, than it is to encourage women to adopt some responsibilities, and, granting men some dignity and human rights.

An English college student sits to relieve herself on the cobblestones, with her man standing by, to impress on him that under English feminism, he must learn to respect women.
“Oh, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, that has such people in ’t!” The Tempest (5,1) Miranda

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