Exposing Female Child Sex Offenders [FCSO]

If there is such a thing as rape culture, it is the culture of denial that permits women to rape and molest children without accountability.

According to a major new study in the Journal of Clinical Medicine, women are the majority of child rapists and child molesters, although mostly only men are reported, arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned for it.

“The discrepancy between official reports and victimization surveys on the prevalence of FCSO clearly demonstrates the under-recognition of women who behave in a sexually abusive manner.”

Our culture and institutions are saturated with medieval myths about child sex offending. The stereotype of a man being the profiled child molester, or child rapist, has led to the imprisonment of hundreds of thousands of men. Yet, a meta-analysis of existing research shows us that the stereotype is a false stereotype, and, that the safety of children has been neglected by omitting women who rape and molest children from accountability in our criminal justice system.

This article provides a short literature overview on female child sexual offenders (FCSO) focusing on the discrepancy between prevalence rates from different sources, characteristics of FCSO and their victims, as well as the societal “culture of denial” surrounding these women. FCSO are a powerful social taboo. Even professionals in the healthcare or justice system were shown to respond inappropriately in cases of child sexual abuse committed by women. As a result, offences of FCSO may be underreported and therefore difficult to research. The lack of scientific data on FSCO lowers the quality of child protection and treatment services. We therefore deem it particularly necessary for professionals in health care to break the social taboo that is FCSO and to further stimulate research on the topic of FCSO

This medical study shows that there is a gender gap in arresting and prosecuting child sex offenders, and, that reliable data shows that women commit about 78% of child rape and child molesting.

This medical study confirms the thesis of a brilliant feminist, Dr. Miriam S. Denov, who exposed the culture of denying that women commit the majority of sex crimes.

In her 2003 thesis, Dr. Denov enlightened us as to the “culture of denial” that permeates our institutions and media, and, which protects women who rape and molest children.

Dr. Denov, and, the Journal of Clinical Medicine, both support the thesis of Dr. Michelle Elliott, PsyD, who has written and researched, extensively, on the subject of women committing sexual assault of children.

Dr. Michelle Elliot is the leading expert on women who sexually abuse children.

It is time to raise awareness and consciousness about this rape culture of denial that permits women to create many of the problems (especially for boys) that have previously been stereotyped as a gendered crime of predominantly male perpetrators.