The Two Ways Men Express Lust
Megan Holstein

Let’s Talk About the Toxic Ways Women Express their Lust.

A woman wrote an article on how men express their “lust” in toxic ways. Let’s talk about how women express their lust in toxic ways.

Abortion: 63 million dead babies, killed by women, since Roe v. Wade in 1973 (less than .03% per year are attributable to ectopic pregnancies, rape or incest).

Fathers are rarely able to protect their children from being murdered by their own mothers

Raping boys: Current Crime Victim surveys by the U.S. Department of Justice show that 51% of boys, by the age of 18 (college age) will have been raped or molested by a girl or woman.

Women rape and molest boys at will in our gynocentric culture and from the trauma they inflict on men and boys, woman rape creates severe depression and social isolation in men and boys.

Sexual harassment of men: Women dress in the workplace in a manner that is chronically sexually harassing to men. Lipstick, for instance, has only one purpose and that is to trigger a man’s biological reaction to a woman who is sexually aroused . . . . red lips are the biological signal of sexual arousal in women. High heels tilt the pelvis forward, tighten the calves, and accentuate the buttocks by thrusting them back. The sole purpose of high heels is to show sexual arousal and readiness. Then we need to talk about the false accusations against men, in the workplace, from women who are sexually harassing them.

Women routinely sexually harass men in the workplace to fulfill their lust for power over men, sex from men, and to score a “sugar daddy.”

False Accusations: Current statistics prove that women are making false accusations of sexual assault in about 84% of cases reported to the police. This has no legitimate purpose. It is lust because, like rape itself, false accusations of rape are not about sex, they are about the lust for power over men.

Toxic Single Mothers: With our court system literally rigged against Men and Fathers, three generations of toxic women have found it easy to isolate children from the protection of their Fathers. The result has been an epidemic of physical and emotional incest committed on children. Toxic single mothers kill 71% of children in the US (not including abortions).