New Zealand Massacre: “Men and Guns are the Problem”

Sophie Walker is a feminist in the UK. She put out a tweet blaming the massacre of 40 muslims in New Zealand on “men and guns.”

Feminist Sophie Walker highlights “men’s violence” as a problem.

This is amazing coming from a white woman in the UK. Feminists in the UK are the heiresses of Britain’s two century reign of terror over the world, vis a vis the British Empire.

Nothing in our history exploited men and guns, for the benefit of UK white women, more than the British Empire and the women who ruled it. Millions of brave British soldiers, men, were slaughtered, world wide, while British feminists handed out “white feathers” and stayed at home in comfort and ease.

Sophie Walker is the descendant of those exploiters, and, lives a life of privilege and comfort in Britain, while perpetuating the condemnation of men (and guns) she and her predecessors so deftly exploited for centuries for their feminist loot and easy lives.

The prime minister of New Zealand has announced that she will, fanatically, change New Zealand’s gun laws in response to 40 muslims being killed with a gun.

Why would a killer have such a low value of human life in New Zealand. Of course, he was an “angry” man . . . . so we have to change laws to demonize and exploit all men and their guns in order to solve the problem of mass murders?

Meanwhile, in Britain, women are slaughtering (mass murdering) babies by the hundreds of thousands:

How many abortions in the UK?
In 2004, there were 185,415 abortions in England and Wales. 87% of abortions were performed at 12 weeks or less and 1.6% (or 2,914 abortions) occurred after 20 weeks. Abortion is free to residents, 82% of abortions were carried out by the public tax-paid National Health Service.

In New Zealand, women are slaughtering (mass murdering) almost one-fourth of the children in New Zealand every year:

How many abortions in New Zealand?
It reported that there was 18,511 abortions performed in New Zealand in 2003. According to 2003 figures by Statistics New Zealand, there were 21.0 abortions per 1000 women. This equates to roughly 247 per 1000 known pregnancies.

But “men’s violence” and “guns” are the problem in mass murders?