SPLC — Hate Group Profile

The Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] is a hate group that advances hatred of certain demographics based upon their gender, race and sexual orientation. The SPLC is a clearing house for false information that speciously supports their hate speech and the hate they impose on vulnerable demogracphics.

Let’s take a look at some of the SPLC’s hate speech and hate tactics.

“Misogynists in the men’s and fathers’ rights movements have developed a set of claims about women to support their depictions of them as violent liars and manipulators of men. Some suggest that women attack men, even sexually, just as much as men attack women. Others claim that vast numbers of reported rapes of women, as much as half or even more, are fabrications designed to destroy men they don’t like or to gain the upper hand in contested custody cases.” One of the SPLC hate directives, on its main website regarding Men.

Note how the SPLC invokes hate language to demonize and demean Men and Fathers. They begin their hate directive by trying to label Men and Fathers with a hate term — “mysoginists.” This is a classic tactic of propagandists, and hate mongers, and is the SPLC’s imitation of Nazi propaganda used before and during WWII. This tactic is known as “defining the enemy and justifying hatred of them.” Karthik Narayanasw, “Analysis of Nazi Propaganda A Behavioral Study,” Holocaust in History, Literature, and Film, Harvard University 2018

The SPLC begins by invoking hate speech against Men in general, and, Fathers and Men’s Rights Activists in particular.

The SPLC goes on in its hate speech and directive to lie about the incidence of women attacking men. The SPLC adopts Hitler’s tactic of repeating a lie, often engouh, until it becomes the truth. To justify its hatred of Men, the SPLC claims that it is wrong to “suggest” that women attack men as much as men attack women. This is more of the SPLC’s hate speech directly contradicting modern research. It is now a scientific fact that women attack men more than men attack women, yet, the SPLC tries to lie and hide that fact in order to justify its hatred of men:

It is also, now, an established scientific fact that women sexually assault men and boys more than the other way around.

The SPLC hate tactics are clear . . . they disseminate false information to demonize and demean Men, then, justify their hatred of men based upon endless repetition of that false information. This is precisely what Hitler and Goebbels did in Nazi Germany to manipulate the population against Jews.

The SPLC then goes on to try to give false rape accusers credibility, to facilitate their hateful tactics against men, by denying the high incidence of false accusations of rape that exists in our culture. The purpose of this hate tactic, by the SPLC, is to empower false rape accusers to manipulate the system against Men.

We know from well-established scientific studies that in the 1980’s and 1990’s, the rate of false accusations of rape were AT LEAST 50–60%.

Since those scientific studies were conducted (there have been none to contradict them) the rate of rape convictions has plummeted while the rate of rape accusations has skyrocketed. The rate of false accusations of rape in the US may now well be close to 90%.

Then, the SPLC continues its hate mongering against Men and Fathers by suggesting that women who falsely accuse Men in custody disputes are telling the truth.

We know from scientific studies that women’s accusations against Men in custody disputes are at least 77% false.

“Dwyer (1986) reports similar statistics. She states that 77% of the divorce-linked allegations of sex abuse cases coming to the Human Sexuality Program at the University of Minnesota have turned out to be “hoax” cases. This was based upon the opinion reached by the agency staff that the allegations were not accurate.”
“Gardner (1986) also observes that in some cases a mother who is obsessed with hatred toward the father may bring the child to the point of having paranoid delusions about the father. A “folie â deux” relationship may evolve in which the child acquires the mother’s paranoid delusions (Ferguson, 1988; Kaplan & Kaplan, 1981; Rand, 1989, 1990). Green (1986) states that such women are usually diagnosed as histrionic or paranoid personality disorders, or paranoid schizophrenics.”

Clearly, with hate groups such as the SPLC having free license to disseminate hateful propaganda, groups seeking justice and enlightenement, such as Men’s Rights, and Father’s rights groups, have an uphill battle against such hate groups.