Protecting reproductive rights requires a real, proactive agenda. Here’s mine.
Kirsten Gillibrand

“We have entered the era of Men and Fathers being told their only role in our culture is “pay up and shut up.””

The Supreme Court’s decision in “Roe v. Wade” is based upon medieval superstitions and obsolete medical beliefs.

The U.S. Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade at a period in human history when Feminism was at its peak in the mainstream media, and, when Fathers were emerging from a system that had once placed responsibilities on both the Mother and Father for reproduction.

“The Child Who Was Never Born” by Martin Hudáčeka

At the time of Roe v. Wade, lawyers, the education system, government and medicine were awakening to needed changes in gender roles after the industrial revolution. Unfortunately, because of the single-mindedness of second wave feminism, our institutions (especially the Supreme Court) rushed headlong into making adjustments to gender roles in favor of women, and, at the same time, completely ignored the importance of addressing men’s issues.

The results of ignoring men’s issues has lead to an estimate 65 million abortions in the last four and a half decades since Roe v. Wade, and, an inestimable amount of human suffering for men and women alike. We know from research that women incur serious health risks that increase in probability with the number of abortions that they have had. The availabilitiy of abortions has lead to plummeting birth rates, skyrocketing divorce rates, and almost complete alienation of a man’s role in reproduction and families.

Alienating men from their children, alienating children from their Fathers and, destroying families has resulted in a myriad of unresolvable social problems from school shootings to men walking away from our core institutions such as marriage, education (which is now openly hostile towards men), and workplaces in which women are given special gender treatment at the expense of their male colleagues.

We have entered the era of Men and Fathers being told their only role in our culture is “pay up and shut up.”

Our culture needs a major paradigm shift. We need to understand that Fathers play an important role in the development and quality of life for their Children. We need to overcome the superstition that an unborn child is merely a disposable tumor that belongs to a woman’s body and the woman herself. We need to update our legal instituions’ knowledge of medicine and advances in science in which Fathers can elect participation in the lives of their children as an alternative to abortion.

Our culture needs to understand that human rights of parenthood must extend to Fathers as well as Mothers, and, that Fathers are as important to children as Mothers. We need to root out and punish those who advocate for Fathers to simply “pay up and shut up.”