What is a “Grand Jury Report”

There are serious misconceptions in the public about the nature of grand juries and “grand jury reports.”

The title: “grand jury” evokes images of pomp, circumstance, integrity, respect and finality.

Many people, because of the title “grand jury” think that a “grand jury” is like the Supreme Court, and, whatever the “grand jury” decides is the absolute and complete and utter truth that must bind humanity forever.

The reality of “grand juries” is the opposite of what people think.

A grand jury is simply 12 people taken from the pool of registered voters in a county or state. The grand jury is convened in a normal courtroom (usually).

That is where the grand jury’s similarity to truth and justice ends.

A grand jury sees and hears only what the prosecutor wants them to see and hear.

There is no judge in the room to insure fairness or honesty. There are no public attorneys to insure fairness or honesty or to bring out facts and evidence that would insure truthfulness and accuracy.

The sole person in control of the grand jury is the prosecutor.

In early times, the grand jury served a very simple and minor purpose. The purpose was to protect the public from unscrupulous prosecutors. The grand jury was supposed to make the initial decision whether to arrest someone, or, not arrest someone. (We now let policeman make all of those decisions).

Since the police now make all of the decisions about arrests, the grand jury really no longer has a legitimate function in our legal system, other than to magnify the power of prosecutors.

Prosecutors, however, since they usually have no real accountability to anyone, have found that grand juries are very useful for punishing people they don’t like, outside of the judicial system. This is known as “extra-judicial punishment” and it is a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Our judges, however, have grown so corrupt and incompetent that they ignore the illegal use of grand juries by unscrupulous prosecutors.

Let’s take an example case to illustrate the above.

You get a divorce from your wife, and, the judge awards the children to you. Angry and bitter, your ex-wife goes to a prosecutor and tells them that you raped her repeatedly during her marriage.

Other than her accusation, there isn’t any evidence that you raped her. Of course, you had sex with her because she was your wife and you had children. So, the prosecutor decides to convene a grand jury to hear your wife’s accusation. (Your wife’s accusation is all that the grand jury will hear).

He convenes the grand jury, puts your wife in a chair, swears her in under oath, and proceeds to ask her questions before the “grand jury.”

He asks her to tell the jury about the 100 times you beat your wife with a rubber hose (so as not to leave any marks) until she finally relented and had sex with you. He asks her to tell the jury about the 100 times you tied up your wife and raped her while she was screaming “no, no, no, no!” He asks her to tell the jury about the many times you choked her, unconscious, so that you could rape her. One of the jurors asks why she didn’t leave the marriage. She tells the jury (with thears in her eyes) that she was afraid to leave because of her fear and concern for the children being with her rapist husband. (Some of the jurors start crying).

Behind your back, a grand jury can decide that you are a horrific rapist and there is nothing you can do about it.

The grand jury decides that this serial rapist (you) should never be out on the street (let alone have custody of the children). The prosecutor knows that your wife’s story will never hold up in court (especially after the children testify that you never harmed your ex-wife) so he decides that he isn’t going to prosecute you (because of the statute of limitations or some other legal technicality).

So, the prosecutor asks the “grand jury” to issue a report about the 250 times you raped, beat, and sexually assaulted your wife.

They issue a report to the public about what a terrible rapist you are and that you should be arrested and put in prison, and, your children stripped from you, but, the prosecutor told them that you couldn’t be prosecuted because of legal technicalities.

The report his the mainstream slime news.

You’re dead meat . . . . no trial. No chance to tell your side of the story. No chance to call witnesses (your children and relatives, for example) to testify that your wife’s accusations never happened, no chance to cross-examine your wife about whether she is telling the truth and point out problems with her testimony . . . . the “grand jury” believes everything the prosecutor wants them to believe, and, ONLY what the prosecutor wants them to believe.

When the “grand jury report” hits the news, and you are hunted down by lynch mobs, you are fired, your reputation is ruined, your family court judge takes the children away from you and gives them back to your wife. The judges sit back and smile. You are being punished without anyone having to have a trial at which the truth could come out. This is “extra-judicial punishment” from a prosecutor abusing a grand jury.

Kathleen Kane (former Pennsylvania Attorney General) — the woman behind the recent “grand jury report” released about a sex scandal in Philadelphia. She is currently sitting in prison convicted of grand jury abuse, obstruction of justice and perjury.

I watched grand jury abuse happen in my 35 year career, over, and over, and over, and over.

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