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WOW!!!! This guy is so out of touch with science, technology, and everything else developed since 1937. Oh wait, he’s from Alabama…so it makes sense to me now. I’ll even wager a bet he’s a card carrying member of the “lower case “t” burning” party. I’m sure he was very proud of the march in Selma. And supported everything civil rights in Montgomery. I’m glad to see he’s doing everything in his power as AG that he’s making sure everyone has the Constitutional Right to vote. Lord forbid he would treat any race, color, or creed differently. It’s just a good thing he’s a Republican, and believes in a State’s Rights…..

Did Sessions mention “slaves” when speaking of drugs? Is he relishing in his grand-master daddy’s “good ole days”?

Now what other kinda of hyperbole can I throw out there???

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