Blocking on Medium, the new game!

Here’s the new game for those of us without friends IRL, on FB, Tweeter and who hangup their smartphone when the workday ends! (ie, very little going on apart from Medium fandom.)

Yes, I confess it’s obvious that I’m paying for the privilege to surf this site in my (way too much) free time. Their are a few dozen writers here that my sanity relies on, I hope you know who you are, and for you I am immensely grateful.

I stopped using the members only curated homepage the same day I paid up, because there’s no content there I want to read, there’s no there there. So, back to the old homepage where I can click to show fewer stories like this.

That’s been fun, but I still get all these stories on my desktop (yes) that have nothing to do with what I enjoy. I’m too damn old to be the success I should have been, or have someone in their 2nd decade tell me how to find myself, or fix my problems or teach me how to code (?).

All I desire is a connection with folks that want to share their souls with their writing.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a poem that resonates or a personal story of daily life with all of its struggles and silliness, I’m in. I love this.

Anyway, the new game! When I see another story of How to be a Success in 39 Easy Steps, I block the author! Ha!

Until now I avoided blocking anyone, you know, it’s the principal of the thing. I even blocked, then unblocked a heckler of a favorite writer, hoping I could find some understanding of the anger this person unleashed out of nowhere. (Nope)

But now I’m thinking, if the Medium curators want to continue dishing up this nonsense that I have no interest in, I’ll take control by blocking the authors that spew this crap! Maybe I can whittle the feed down to the things I like!

Eventually, of course I have way too much free time to attempt this. Here’s hoping! FML!