Ray of Sunshine in a dreary week

Lookie what I got in the mail….

Beautiful book Lori!!

I got this lovely book of Lori McCray ‘s poems today in the mail. It’s filled with her inspirational words and beautiful b&w photographs, many of her feathered and furry friends and a few of the fetching lady herself.

Not one to toot her own horn, I don’t believe she’s mentioned it here on Medium. I’m happy to! It’ available from Lulu.com for the low-low-price of $6.00 (nine & change shipped)!

It will hold a place on my bedside table, as it should yours! C’mon great art for less than 10 bucks? It’s a no-brainer! (just ask my family, no brain here)

(Legal: I swear on a stack of whatever you like that I in no way receive any remuneration for endorsement of the artist’s work, including my copy of same. I paid for it, and you should too!)

Thanks Lori, kisses to you for the up-lift on a lousy Thursday!